Benny's American - The hills are alive.....

Benny's American Take Away - shop 10/168 Main Road, Blackwood

Benny's American Take Away invited all members of the Chopping Board to their VIP opening night. All meals and drinks were provided free of charge by Benny's American Take Away. On this occasion Jess, Mirko and Hayes attended this event.

It doesn't seem like the American style food craze is slowing down in Adelaide, and the newest one to ride this wave is Benny's American Take Away in Blackwood. Tucked away off the Main Road in a group of shops is Benny's American. Interior is bright, and has enough room for roughly 10 diners. This little shop is more focused on serving good tasty American food with great prices, rather than being the next 'big thing'.

Benny's American Take Away
Benny's American Take Away
Benny's American Take Away
Nice selection of table sauces
Benny's American Take Away
Baseball caps displayed on the wall shelf
Benny's American Take Away
Blackboard menu behind counter
Benny's American Take Away
American soft drinks
Benny's American Take Away
Chilli fries
First dish of the night were the chilli fries. It's quite a big dish, loaded with shoestring fries on the bottom, spicy minced meat on the top with a generous sprinkling of cheese. We were not sure whether the cheese was supposed to be completely melted or not, but we found a few large chunks of unmelted cheese, adding a 'rustic' feel to the dish. We'd normally expect all the cheese to be melted in dishes like this, but this is just personal preference. The dish had a bit of spice to it but not to the extent where every bite was unbearable.

Benny's American Take Away
BBQ Chicken wings
Everyone loves wings, and teamed with a sweetish BBQ sauce, these certainly went down a treat. Deep fried crunchiness on the outside with a juicy moist inside indicated these were fried to perfection. They had a sweet and sour type of taste to them, giving them a little bit of an Asian influence. The tables also have a wide variety of sauces available so if you wanted to add some additional flavours you could do so. 

Benny's American Take Away
Pulled pork sliders
These little delights were filled with juicy, soft smoky pork, a little bit of melted cheese and a bit a slaw. We think that there needed to be a little bit more flavour/sauce in the pulled pork. The bun tonight was a little bit dry, so we mentioned that to Michael (Chef/owner) and were advised that they were left in the oven for a little too long. Easily resolved and definitely want to try this again in the future.

Benny's American Take Away
Chicago Dog (Mustard, onion, pickle, tomato)
Nothing beats a good old fashioned hot dog. There's way too many fancy places that sell gourmet dogs, made with gourmet sausages and have mountains of ingredients. Sometimes you just want to eat a standard dog with plain mustard, tomato sauce and cheese. This Chicago dog didn't sway too far from this, it was still plain (in a good way), but the fresh ingredients as alternatives made it enjoyable. We all agreed that maybe dicing the tomatoes would have made the eating experience a little easier, but hey, American style dining is not about looking good, it's about how it tastes!

Benny's American Take Away
 Chocolate Milkshake - made with LOVE!

Benny's American Take Away
Chili chicken wings
More wings, we couldn't say no. These were tangy, spicy and crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside again - cooked to perfection. Nom nom nom.

Benny's American Take Away
Collard greens
A nice surprise dish, tasted very home cooked - not extreme in its flavours or ingredients. It resembled something we would cook at home ourselves. Actually quite refreshing to balance out the evening with a neutral dish like this. 

Benny's American Take Away
BBQ Ribs
The ribs were cooked very well and were soft and moist. We all agreed it was lacking a bit in flavour and smokiness. Ribs are all about messy eating and having your face painted with the BBQ sauce, but these ones just lacked that fun while eating.    

Benny's American Take Away
BBQ pulled pork with slaw
The BBQ pulled pork with slaw was the definite winner for the evening. Not your prettiest dish, but my oh my, it was demolished by the 3 of us within seconds. The meat was soft, easy to chew and generously bathed in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. After we finished this dish, we wanted more and ordered another one, but with vinegar flavour.

We also all agreed that the sauce/flavouring used in this dish should be used for the pulled pork sliders. It would greatly enhance the sliders and make them super awesome. Maybe consider whether the different pulled pork flavours could be an option in the pulled pork slider?

Benny's American Take Away
Vinegar pulled pork with slaw
This version was also great, but not as good as the BBQ. The same juicy soft meat, but with a hint of vinegar. This dish would go well with some bread, as the vinegar flavour was a little overwhelming after a few bites whereas the BBQ only version was much easy to eat by itself.

Benny's American Take Away
Potato and gravy
Last but not least, the humble potato and gravy. By this dish we were all full but we couldn't say no to the last dish.  Potatoes were a little lumpy giving it that home feel. There was lots of butter inside and the gravy was very mild and not oily or filling. A good end to the evening.

American food (typically) can leave you feeling heavy however after eating all the above dishes, we did not feel this at all. We thoroughly enjoyed everything we tried.

Blackwood has a limited range of food haunts so its great to have another place to try out whilst there. If you love American style food being the pulled pork, hot dogs and ribs, etc make sure you try Benny's American up in Blackwood. 

Prices below as at October 2013

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  1. Thanks for the review. Will have to swing by Blackwood one arvo. Did you guys give it a rating?

    - AnonymousGlen

    1. Hi AnonymousGlen,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      It's a bit difficult to rate a VIP evening (serving sizes may be different, menu may also be different), and with paid/invited dinners, we usually do not provide a rating.



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