He Sheng BBQ Restaurant - A delicious roasted diamond in the rough.

He Sheng BBQ Restaurant - 86 Wilson St  Mansfield Park

Ravenous after a successful fishing session down at Pt. Adelaide with my dad, sister and boyfriend we stopped at He Sheng BBQ Restaurant in Mansfield Park, next to the famed Pho Minh, for a roast lunch. Given the deliciousness of Pho Minh, it was very difficult to bypass. However, I was glad we did. 

For four we ordered the special fried rice, suckling pig (available Saturday and Sunday), roast duck and beef tendon hotpot. 

How can anyone not like fried rice? Honestly, for an Asian fried rice is the epitome of comfort food. This was no exception with an abundance of ingredients and each grain separated, an indication of a good fried rice. One minor suggestion would be to hold back slightly on the salt.   

He Shang, BBQ, Mansfield Park, Adelaide
Special fried rice
Now onto the suckling pig. My oh my. This pig did not die and roast in vain! Lean, tender meat caressed against a crispy, crunchy, more-ish crackling. I pity anyone who is yet to devour the crackling of a suckling pig. It's delicate and melts in your mouth. Often, Chinese style suckling pig is done incorrectly resulting in meat resembling normal roast pork belly with a porous crackling (siew yoke). I'm not sure of what the correct technique is for suckling pig but the results are shown below.

He Shang, BBQ, Mansfield Park, Adelaide
Suckling pig

Roast duck came out plump, glistening, with crisp skin and good fat to meat ratio. Although roast duck is fairly common, it still surprises me how much variation in quality you can get. He Sheng serve a delicious, and almost decadent, roast duck that completely out plays places serving roast duck in Chinatown.  

He Shang, BBQ, Mansfield Park, Adelaide
Roast duck
Last to come out was the beef tendon hot pot. Looking like a mish mash of things thrown together, this wasn't exactly a feast for the eyes - cure irregular cut vegetables, weird stringy bits and different sized pieces of meat. Beef tendon is an acquired taste but it's one of my favourites and something I will always ask extra of when ordering a steaming bowl of pho. The flavours of this hot pot were powerful, deep and earthy in flavour. Despite the tastiness, I can't help feel that an improvement in presentation would have made a world of difference. For someone who is usually pretty casual about the way food looks, I couldn't let this one go. I mean... just look at it.

He Shang, BBQ, Mansfield Park, Adelaide
Beef tendon hotpot
This little gem can be found among the cluster of shops that also accommodates Pho Minh, just before the Parks Community Centre in Mansfield Park. And for those who would prefer not to venture down those parts of town, at least drop by for some takeaway roast meats to dine in comfort of your own home. It really is worth the trip.

Jess gives He Sheng BBQ 14/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

Food: 8/10
Ambience: 2/5
Service: 4/5

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