Jars - they've got us in a pickle.

A few years ago, I was an extra in a food styling photo shoot for a mate. The table was set for eight of us in a country-house theme and the centrepiece was a collection of mismatched jars filled with succulents and single flowers. Each jar was tied with brown string and it finished the table off so nicely. It was a little bit kitsch but totally in theme for the lunch (which finished with the most delicious home-baked cherry pie and home made ice cream).

Jars are for... Adelaide
Succulents in jars - cute.

Fast forward four years and I find myself seated in a hipster cafe in the middle of Bondi, drinking my freshly made veggie juice out of a jar. In my head, I think they ran out of glassware but in my heart, I fear this is the beginning of a terrible trend. A few days later, we took our dogs to the Norfolk Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney. We sat in the beer garden and ordered Bloody Marys because it was Sunday and we needed/deserved/felt like them. They were delivered in used cans, complete with rusting edges.

Jars are for... Adelaide
Bloody Mary in a used can - this sh!t ain't cute. (Image source: http://www.thenorfolk.co/)

Having survived my near miss experience with tetanus caused by rusty cans, I decided to give hipster pubs and cafes a miss for a while and go back to what I knew best. This is the place where drinks are served in proper glassware - I felt safe here. That was until one day, I was dining at one of my favourite cafes, I ordered my juice and it was delivered not only in a jar but in a jar with a handle! Not a few days later, I was served bircher muesli in a jar at a cafe in Adelaide.

WHAT THE? Did I miss the memo about using household objects to serve meals in? Should I empty my peg basket and start serving fish and chips in it? I thought I was going crazy, so I did what any suspect crazy man would do and I took to Facebook and asked...
We want to know what you think about Jars. Specifically, eating and drinking out of them at restaurants. Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below... 
And here are some of your responses (read the full thread here)
Nope - i [sic] want to drink out of proper glasses, especially when they are charging hipster prices. I love quirky decor but the jars and breadboards instead of plates have to go!
Loved it at first as it was different. Now it seems to be everywhere and I'm over it.
overdone, like mismatching furniture... yep, hipsters may love it, but I tend to avoid places that do it because it just whiffs of wank...
Drinking out of them is ok if it fits the style of the place but eating out of them is a joke 
So, Adelaide cafe and restaurant owners, the people have spoken and this is my plea to go back to what you know best. Move away from using household objects as bowls and glasses, go back to the purpose designed glasses and crockery we know and love.


  1. I don't know. When it comes to things like juices and smoothies I'm all for having them in jars if it means I get more of them. ;)

    Out household glass collection was also made up of jars before IKEA came to Adelaide, thanks to the IXL jam jars that double as glasses.

    The can is definitely taking it too far (surely it's going to affect the taste too), but seriously, I couldn't care less. They're both made out of the same stuff. :)


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