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Mylk Bar - 57 Flinders Street, Adelaide

It was another day on Whatsapp when we were all just chatting to organise another family (The Chopping board crew) lunch. Jess suggested that Mylk Bar was advertising lunch on the radio so we all decided to give this new establishment a try.

The interior reminded us of Bar on Gouger when it was first opened, 8+ years ago. The stacked stone walls are outdated, as are the wooden waves on the ceiling and the blue light at the back of the venue. It appears as if the interior designers have tried to break the space up into a casual area at the front of the venue and a lounge/bar area at the back; however, the space seems too small to achieve what they may have set out to do.

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Mylk Bar Signage
As a result, we were confused by trying to work out what the theme of the place is. There's a kitsch astroturfed alfresco area at the front which, had it been continued throughout the venue, would've been quite cool. The name 'Mylk Bar' conjures images of a 1950's corner deli with an alcohol driven twist, perhaps if they'd run with this theme, they would've ended up with a unique, cool and kitsch bar.

Mylk Bar - On The Chopping Board
Cheese Burger w Lettuce, Tomato, Mustard & Chips

Mirko - The cheeseburger had all the elements of a good burger however the overall execution wasn't there. The bun was average and the patty a little dry. The burger wasn't bad but it didn't taste spectacular. The chips were also average and of the McCains variety. Overall, the dish itself didn't make a lasting Impression on me. If I was to get a burger in the city, I would pay a little extra and go to Press* or Burger Theory.

Mylk Bar - On The Chopping Board
Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana  w Salad & Chips
Hayes -  I originally had my mind set on ordering something else, but while I was ordering at the counter, I saw another massive Schnitzel go to another customer so I  quickly changed my mind - what a mistake...when mine came out it was basically half the size - yes it was thick, but half the size... I'm guessing it's based on weight?

Nothing was really wrong with the schnitzel - it just wasn't anything great.  For $17 there are plenty of pubs around town serving a better chicken parmi.  The tomato paste used was flavourless, cheese was also tasteless.  I've had my fair share of chicken parmis, and this was below the standard of a good ol' pub parmi.  The chips were a let down too, they needed some seasoning at least - they tasted exactly like frozen supermarket fries I would bake at home. Maybe I expected too much at a new fancy place.  

Mylk Bar - On The Chopping Board
Zucchini Fritters w Salsa & Chips

Jess - The immediate impression of the dish was how small the serve was. Not your conventional fritters, two small deep fried fritter wedges were served with a smattering of chips and a salsa about the size of  a condiment serve. Although the salsa was refreshing and pleasant, I fail to see how this even warrants a place in the dishes name - it's not like Mirko's burger was mentioned to be served with a 'side' of ketchup. 

Now onto the fritter itself, the outer layer was crunchy and encased were soft and fluffy innards. Textually the fritters were good, taste wise fairly bland. It should also be mentioned that the fritters had a really peculiar smell, and only after I got everyone on the blog (minus Nathan) to have a smell, Tom was able to pin point the likely origins. The fritters were probably deep fried in old oil used to fry other types of foods. My fritter smelt strongly like doughnuts or churros, which was weird and off putting - tastes buds and olfactory senses were seriously misaligned. Concur with Mirko and Hayes on the chips, I was sadly left wanting with these. The chips could have benefited from some sauce on the table. I was eyeing off Mirko's glistening ketchup with serious envy the whole meal.

 Mylk Bar wasn't very good value and the quality of the food was average at best. At just under $10, something more substantial could be bought from Argo's and be a whole lot more satisfying. Check out our review of Argo's here.   

Mylk Bar - On The Chopping Board
Artichoke Salad Semi Dried Tomatoes, Green Apple, Walnuts, Parmesan & Balsamic Dressing
Tom - Is it just me, or is the first ingredient listed in a menu item title usually the hero of the dish? For example: If you order a chicken schnitzel and chips and salad, you expect there to be more chicken schnitzel than chips or salad - am I right? Go with it for a moment. So when I ordered my artichoke salad, I expected the artichokes to be marinated or grilled or something other than 2 of them pulled out of a jar, squished up and dumped in a bowl with the other ingredients.

Add to this a lot of lettuce, semi-dried tomatoes (I'd put $50 on them coming out of a similar jar to the artichokes), a few cherry tomatoes, walnuts, julienne apple and... I'm sure you get the picture. Now, douse it in oil and drizzle some balsamic over the top and it you've got a salad the Head Chef at Mylk Bar is happy to send out of the kitchen. Personally, I'd be embarrassed to serve this salad to anyone. I must admit, being vegan, I asked for the parmesan to be omitted from my salad but not even a few pieces of cheese could save this disaster.

In summary, we all felt a bit confused after we left the Mylk Bar. Food (lunch menu) was average to below average, pricing was in the average range, the menu choices mixed pub meals with American style dishes with Cafe style salads, decor was a bit messed up, so we couldn't really see the direction this place was going. Add to that a Tapas menu after 5pm with a large drinks menu, is this a new pub with a fancy name, or a new style pub/drinks bar/cafe/American style diner?

Ambiance:  2.5/5 - Weird and confusing decor. 
Service:  2.5/5 -Not much of it, order at the counter, walk back to table and wait. 
Food: 4/10 - Nothing much to rave on about unfortunately. 

In total, the Chopping Board members give Mylk Bar 9/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

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