Taste Baguette and Grill - Baguette: Found. Taste: MIA.

Taste Baguette and Grill - Shop 11-12, 1-23 Harbour St, Darling Harbour, Sydney

There are some reviews I begin to write and suddenly feel like I'm wasting my time. It's not nice to write about a place with sub-standard food but we're all about honesty and helping our community make the right dining choices. So, this one goes out to you.

It's nice to people watch along Darling Harbour; the sound of the city mixed with the sound of excited tourists is something you rarely hear anywhere else in Sydney. Another rarity is extremely tame (borderline cheeky) birds. These guys will happily peck at whatever fell off your plate, coming within centimetres of you. For this reason, I reckon the tables outside cafes and restaurants along this strip are some of the cleanest in Australia! Wait staff are constantly spraying and wiping after diners and birds.

Taste Baguette and Grill, Darling Harbour, Sydney - Dining with the birds
The best thing about Taste is the wildlife.
We were on a shopping mission but needed to refuel before walking up to George St. We strolled down to Darling Harbour in search of a quick lunch, water and a glass of wine. Wanting to be served quickly, we avoided the places that were packed with suits and tourists (perhaps this was a mistake?).

After being greeted, handed menus and asked to choose a table, the waiter was quick to take our drink order. I ordered a bottle of San Pellegrino (500ml, $5) and my partner in crime ordered a glass of Mystic Sounds Sauv Blanc ($11). My water was served with a glass of ice and wedge of lime - perfect! The glass of wine arrived in a smaller than average glass, reminiscent of the glassware found in Ikea, filled with arguably a standard serve of wine. Needless to say, this $11 glass of wine didn't scream value for money.

Taste Baguette and Grill, Darling Harbour, Sydney - White wine
Possibly, the most overpriced glass of wine I've ever ordered.
My dining buddy's (store bought?) Quiche Lorraine ($15) arrived. I can only guess the chef has a fear of salad or feels too much green ruins the presentation of his meals because the limp, green clump of leaves was overshadowed by the mass of fries, almost tipped the quiche over the edge!

Do I need to pass on comments of how it tasted? I didn't think so.

Taste Baguette and Grill, Darling Harbour, Sydney - Quiche
Quiche Lorraine, chips and salad - pub style.
Assuming baguettes take longer to make than quiche takes to microwave, my vegan Tofu Baguette ($13.90) arrived a few minutes later. Filled with tasteless tofu,  the crisp salad saved me from thinking I was eating a cardboard box folded up inside a baguette. The baguette was soft and fresh on the inside and crusty on the outside, possibly bought from the same bakery as the quiche.

Taste Baguette and Grill, Darling Harbour, Sydney - Tofu Baguette
Tofu Baguette
It's a shame the food is so pedestrian when the wait staff are so attentive. Service from their side was prompt, friendly and professional. Fair enough, they didn't go above and beyond and they didn't ask how our meals were but that was perhaps their saving grace.

Ambiance - 3/5: Through no effort of their own, Darling Harbour is a nice place to dine
Service - 3.5/5: Friendly and efficient but nothing to write home about
Food: 4/10: It reminded me of bad country pub food

In total, Tom gives Taste Baguette and Grill 10.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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  1. You should check out Pontoon Bar on Darling Harbor next time a for a relatively inexpensive and tasty meal. (if you haven't already)

    thanks for the review :)

    - AnonymousGlen

    1. Thanks AnonymousGlen! I've walked past there a few times but haven't ventured in - I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm in Sydney.


  2. Terrible service and prices... nice chairs. Really disappointing.

  3. Just tried to have breakfast their. Bird stole my breakfast as it hit the table. The place takes no responsibility and said it happens all the time! Well where the hell werr the wsrning signs??? Dine outdoors at own risk. Nedless to say I refused to pay for another breakfast and I lost my appetite.


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