Nordburger - Great burgers but don't get fries with that

Nordburger - 168 The Parade, Norwood

One sunny Sunday lunch a few weeks back, I thought I would finally see what the fuss was about and headed down to Nordburger. Not that the fuss isn't with good reason, the owner is Michael Weldon, a masterchef finalist, who has done a fair bit of research in the USA on how a good burger should be made.

Nordburger, Norwood, Adelaide, Burgers
No Frills. 

Upon entry, the first thing you notice is the no frills approach to the eatery. There are no fancy signs, just the grill, Michael, a few stand up tables and a bench. The coolest thing (in my opinion a slight waste of space) is the concrete bar to wash your hands at. The menu isn't expansive, its just about the right size to present a few options, but concentrating on what is done best - burgers. Now, onto to the topic of discussion, the burgers.

Nordburger, Norwood, Adelaide, Burgers
Michael slaving over a hot grill. 

I ordered the Bacon Double and my wife ordered the Nordburger. She likes her patty well done so I also asked for this modification, and it is always a good test of the cook's attention to the order detail. 

It was received as well done, with mine also being more well done than other options such as Chuckwagon or Burger Theory. The patty is a great blend of beef cuts, with a great balance of seasoning. The burger is also well balanced with sufficient sauces, thick pickles, fresh lettuce and tomato. I am a big fan of mustard on burgers, and this had just the right amount. The bun was on the softer side, leading to some separation on the bottom towards the end of the burger, not a disaster though. This may also be from the juiciness of the patty, it's probably the juiciest patty I've ever had.

Nordburger, Norwood, Adelaide, Burgers
Bacon Double Nordburger w/fries

We also ordered a chocolate shake and a salted caramel shake, along with a serve of fries. I'll start with the shakes, which were probably the best shakes I have tasted since shake shack. 

The salted caramel was brilliant, salty and caramel. There isn't much more to say about it - it's an awesome shake. The chocolate was better than other chocolates, with a definite cocoa base, not a sickly sweet chocolate syrup that you'd normally get. 

The fries . . . they were . . . forgettable. Honestly, I wouldn't get them again, they tasted like regular home freezer fries, with little seasoning. I thought it was just me, but some reading around confirmed my thoughts. Which confuses me, as clearly so much thought has gone into the burgers and shakes, but not the fries. Which is disappointing, as I value the fries almost as much as a burger!

The service was quick, considering how busy it was on the day. We got in just before 12, and it was packed by 12:20. I have been past a few times since, and it's always full. I definitely plan on returning, next time, I wouldn't order the fries, but I would get one of the special shakes, probably try the pretzel.

Nathan gives Nordburger 16/20 chops on the Chopping Board. It certainly gives my other favorites (Press* & Burger Theory) a run for their money. With some great chips to match, who knows what the outcome would have been?

Food: 8/10 
Service: 4/5 
Ambience: 4/5

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