The Broadway Kiosk - Simple food, exceptional view.

The Broadway Kiosk - Corner of Broadway & South Esplanade, Glenelg

Sometimes when you walk along the Esplanade at Glenelg, do you ever get halfway and you're like "Geez, getting hungry - could do with a feed about now" and low and behold a cafe appears right in front of you, like a mirage? This cafe is Broadway Kiosk, about 1 km south of the Glenelg Jetty, an unassuming cafe with activity from humans, children and dogs alike. Heaven for a dog watcher like me - I have the worst habit of gasping really loudly when I see cute ones when my boyfriend is driving. Meanwhile, the Cafe sits right on the Esplanade and has uninterrupted views of the beach. Such a bonus for a place with food at such reasonable prices. 

Onto the food! Today's choices on the menu were the Captain's Catch, Veg Pasta, Chicken Parmigiana and Ravioli Alla Panna. 

The Captain's Catch came as two generous serves of butterfish on a bed of chips, served with a garden salad side. Fish was succulent and batter was crisp. Meanwhile, chips had a crunchy casing and fluffy, mashed potato like interior. Salad was slightly over-dressed and cucumber was fairly soggy. However, can't say that I ordered the dish for the side salad so I'm willing to let that slide. All in all off to a good start. A delicious, unpretentious meal while happily dog-gazing. Bliss.
Glenelg, Beach, Fish, Chips, Fish and Chips, Seafood
Captain's Catch - 2 fillets of battered butterfish $15
Veg Pasta can be served with an assortment of pasta varieties, in this case penne was chosen. The pasta sauce was chunky and abundant, perhaps the sauce to pasta ratio was a little too high for my own liking. Not the Italian way, but the Australian cafe/bistro way. The pasta itself was al dente - always a plus. Also, the Veg Pasta was served with shaved parmesan - double plus. For $11 we knew what to expect and this met expectations.

Pasta,Vegetarian, Adelaide, Glenelg, Penne
Veg Pasta - $11
Another pasta dish, Ravioli Alla Panna, was ordered and this exceeded expectations. Ravioli quality was better than Latina Fresh, a definite no go in anybodies book. Please, I implore that if you wish to buy ravioli to cook at home, get local brands like Buona Pasta. The difference in quality is marked. However, I digress, so back to the food at hand. The sauce of the Alla Panna wasn't too heavy or rich and was well seasoned. Spring onions were plentiful, adding little bursts of freshness. There was also an abundance of mushrooms and shreds of bacon. A good bistro version of the Alla Panna.

Ravioli, Alla Panna, Glenelg, Adelaide, Broadway Kiosk
Ravioli Alla Panna -$11
Lastly, was the Chicken Parmigiana which unfortunately came out with burnt edges. The chicken was tender and was the not formed chicken that can be sometimes served in lieu of real chicken breast. As apparent in the photo, there was also a serious lack of sauce and cheese.

Broadway Kiosk, Adelaide, Glenelg, Chicken Parmagiana
Chicken Parmagiana - $15.50

The food at the Broadway Kiosk is above average but the stunning views and the casual feel of the place makes up for this. This place has plastic chairs and no table service with all ordering of meals at the counter. But sometimes this is all you want and it's okay. Don't go in with expectations of fine dining with seaside views and you'll fair just fine - gaining some much needed energy for the kilometre walk back to Glenelg jetty.

Jess gives Broadway Kiosk 14/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5 

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