Let Them Eat - Quick Chops by Tom and Jess

Let Them Eat - Central Market, Adelaide

Written by Tom - check out our other vegan blogs here.

We have been chatting to City Mag over the past few weeks and we finally got our stuff together to write an article for them (you'll find it in the current issue!). One of the places I included in the article was Let Them Eat in the Central Market. I'd heard great things about this place but hadn't had the chance to try it.

Let Them Eat is 100% vegetarian with at least five vegan options each day. The Cauliflower Fritter is one of their most popular dishes and is also vegan - winning! When I went to interview Kelly, the manager, she made up a serve of Cauliflower Fritters for the shoot but we didn't have time to eat it. I had to go back to try them!

I dragged my old workmate out to lunch with me and we ordered our meals and coconut waters before taking a seat at the lowered counter. Aside from the food, the thing I loved most about Let Them Eat is the decor. Finally, there's a vegetarian/vegan place with awesome food and matching furniture! Not only is it matching but it has a definite Scandinavian feel to it with smooth wooden stools and surfaces matched with black and white stone tables. The recycled and compostable packaging and cutlery works perfectly and is a solid reminder of Let Them Eat's commitment to sustainability.

Back to the food: Made up of cauliflower, beansprouts, herbs and spices, the Cauliflower Fritters are fried and served on a bed of two salads (of your choice). They have a distinctive Middle Eastern flavour about them and kind of taste like a falafel on steroids.

Let Them Eat, Adelaide Central Market - Cauliflower Fritters
Cauliflower Fritters
I had about five bites left and was already full but couldn't bear the thought of leaving anything behind! I quickly finished and let the staff clear our table (they donate scraps and packaging to compost, not land fill) and we were on our way. Let Them Eat is now on my 'must-do' list for the Central Market; it joins Goodies and Grains, the Chinese massage place and the super cheap fruit and veg stall.

Ambiance - 4.5/5: Matching Scandinavian inspired decor is a welcome change
Service - 5/5: Friendly, efficient and informative
Food: 9.5/10: Delicious and nutritious!

In total, Tom gives Let Them Eat 19/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Let Them Eat on Urbanspoon

The following review comes from Jess. 

After hearing Tom rave on about the food at Let Them Eat, my boyfriend and I headed to the flagship store on Elizabeth St in Croydon to get our veg on. On arrival, we were in luck and there was an abundance of outdoor seating for us to dine al fresco and soak up some sunshine.

The method of ordering at Let Them Eat is simple with a choice of either small items (think fritters, burgers, risotto pies) or large items (think tarts, crepes and slices), which are then paired with a choice of salads - all which had flavours that sounded interesting and enticing.

On the day that we visited, we chose the Sweet Corn and Feta Fritters with Spiced Chickpea Salad and Spanakopita with Risoni Salad and Mung Bean Salad with Ginger & Soy.

Sweet Corn and Feta Fritters with Spiced Chickpea Salad - $12
The Sweet Corn and Feta Fritters were served topped with sweet caramelised onions. The fritter itself is hard to describe however it was moreish and definitely didn't leave one wanting meat. The texture was similar to the patties found in Vego N Lovin It burgers and likely contained a mixture of mash and cauliflower. Sweet corn was super sweet and juicy, while the feta added pockets of creaminess throughout. To the chickpea salad, this had a gentle fragrant curry flavour and was peppered with bits of mushroom and roasted capsicum. Although on the menu the chickpeas are described as 'crisp', I would have preferred these to be a little bit softer. Despite the good flavours, the salad had an overwhelming raw taste about it. However, this could just be due to personal preference.

Spanakopita with Risoni Salad and Mung Bean Salad - $14

Boyfriend was tasked with eating the spanakopita and accompanying salads so I don't have too many comments for this dish. I did get a taste and found the spanakopita's pastry flaky - good, and the spinach interior a little bit sour - not as good. In saying that, my boyfriend said he thoroughly enjoyed both the spanakopita and the salads (and he was the one complaining about eating vego food for lunch!).

We both left Let Them Eat full and feeling extremely healthy. I am keen head to the Central Market store for a mid-week healthy lunch in the near future.

Jess gives Let Them Eat 16/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Ambiance: 4/5 (table was a bit wonky but everything else was tops)
Service: 4/5
Food: 8/10

Let Them Eat on Urbanspoon


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