Peel St - Did it live up to the hype...sorta...

Peel St - 9 Peel Street, Adelaide SA 5000

After hearing about this place for what seems like an eternity, and multiple attempts at trying to book a table for dinner only to be told the next available booking was in 2 weeks, I was lucky enough to get a booking for a weekday lunch.

Peel St is located (as the name suggests), on Peel Street next to Clever Little Tailor and Barbushka. The interior is warehouse in feel with exposed brick and beams with wooden benches and tables.
Peel Street, Adelaide, Food, Lunch, Dinner
Great interior
As my friends and I were on our lunch break we didn't feel like huge meals so opted for a few dishes to share between the three of us. Our waitress was friendly and informative and provided us with Peel Streets 'sharing' concept. Now...the food! With all the hype that has surrounded this place I could not wait to dig in.

Peel Street, Adelaide, Food, Lunch, Dinner, Dirty Salad, Lentil
Dirty Salad - $20
First up was the Dirty Salad (Dirty as they use Dirty Inc Lentils) - Lentils, beetroot, blue cheese, pear and walnut. The combination of flavours are tried and tested and worked well. Large chunks of sweet beetroot with the texture of the lentil and crunchy walnut were delicious. As one would expect the blue cheese has a strong flavour so if you are not a fan I would think twice before ordering.

Peel Street, Adelaide, Food, Lunch, Dinner, Squid, Green Mango, Nam Jim
Chilli Salt Fried Squid - $27.50
Second on the menu was the Chilli Salt Fried Squid with a green mango salad and Nam Jim dressing. For the price of this dish I was expecting a larger serving. The squid was soft and the batter was light, with the title of the squid being chilli salt fried I was expecting a lot more heat (which I would have liked) having said this, the flavours were subtle and enjoyable. The salad of green mango and nam jim had a big punch of heat with sweet notes at the end which I really enjoyed. My friends, whilst liking the salad thought that it was a little overpowering and could have been a little more subtle in its flavour.

Peel Street, Adelaide, Food, Lunch, Dinner, Barramundi
Barramundi - Special (POA)
Third on the menu was the Chinese style Barramundi with shallots, ginger and shiitake mushrooms. I am not a massive fan of fish and I enjoyed this dish. The barramundi was cooked well and the chinese broth was very subtle and fragrant in its flavour.

Peel Street, Adelaide, Food, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Milk Pudding
Milk Pudding - $14
Fourth and final on the menu - milk pudding. Cardamom and rose water milk pudding, with rhubarb, sour cherry and fairy floss. Overall, the dish worked. The milk pudding was smooth, the rose water flavour was subtle and the rhubarb was sweet with a slight tartness. The fairy floss did make it hard to eat. Overall, a nice way to finish the meal.

So....was I impressed and did it live up to the hype? Sort of. The dishes that I had were not spectacular but they were solid and the flavours worked well. Maybe it was because we went for lunch and didn't order any other proteins (lamb/beef) - I'm not sure. Do I think that the lunch (3 dishes, dessert, 3 coffees and water) warrants a $110 price tag?  Probably not. For the size of some of the dishes provided I would have expected a lower price point or a larger serving. I find it hard to justify almost $40 for a weekday lunch - but that is just me.

Would I go again? Yes - I would love to go and have a dinner and try the tasting menu. And for about $70 I think that this would be a better option allowing me to try other dishes. If I get the chance I will be reviewing again.

Food - 7/10 - Price and meal size were a major driver for the score of the food we had during lunch.
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5

On this occasion, Mirko gives Peel St 14.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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