Organic To Go - Breakfast to boot!

Organic to Go - 363-365 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond

I've been driving past this little gem for over 12 months without stopping. It's at the point of no return on my journey home - after driving through peak hour, reaching the bottom of the freeway is like reaching the oasis and sliding down the rainbow water slide into a freshwater pool. That might be an exaggeration but it's the best I can do to explain why I don't stop.

Organic to go - Glen Osmond, Adelaide
Organic To Go - Glen Osmond
However, I bought a bike recently and I've been riding down the freeway (and back up it again) but before I start the climb today, I decided to stop here for breakfast.

Rewind to yesterday arvo, I visited here because the car was being washed up the road and instead of sitting in a waiting room reminiscent of an outback gas station, I strolled down the road to grab a fruit and nut bliss ball. While I was there, we got chatting about breakfast, I found out they serve breakfast on Saturdays, there are vegan options and BAM! I'm there.

Similar to the chicken and the egg, I don't know if this place was a small organic market before it was a cafe or the other way around or if it even matters. What I do know is that almost all food served here is organic, the coffee is fair trade and they use non-processed ingredients as much as possible. To me, these are three rad reasons to eat and shop here more often.

Vegan breakfast - Organic to go - Glen Osmond, Adelaide
Vegan breakfast
 What I loved about being served today is that I was dressed in my cycling kit (helmet hair, glasses, Lycra, etc..) and the lady I spoke to yesterday remembered me and jumped straight on to my vegan breakfast and it's the best vegan breakfast I've had. The avocado was perfectly ripe, the tomatoes were juicy and squishy, the mushrooms were sautéed in fresh herbs and a flavour I love but couldn't place but it reminded me of being back in Japan. The best part was the spinach; wilted in a little bit of oil and tossed with roasted almonds - it was the star of the dish.

Sour dough toast - Organic to go - Glen Osmond, Adelaide
Sourdough toast (don't judge me!)

 Any die hard vegans are going to get all up in my grill for eating sourdough but I ate it and it was good. So good, especially with avocado spread on it and topped with spinach.

Green smoothie - Organic to go - Glen Osmond, Adelaide
Green, chunky smoothie.
My smoothie was served in a jar. I'm not going to hold it against the place because I understand it's "on trend"... or whatever but it still irks me. The smoothie, however was chunky and pulpy and fresh and delicious. It was definitely green and had that taste that only the best things for you have.

My favourite part about Organic To Go is the market. It's relatively small but there's so much in it and things you probably wouldn't find in many other places. Things like 9 hour tea-light candles, a range of veggie chips like no where else and a huge selection of seasonal, organic veggies. At the counter, there are treats to tempt you (I'm a sucker for spelt liquorice) - if you're here with your kids, these snacks are totally guilt free and won't spoil their dinner.

I've been shopping at the Stirling organic Market and the usual vegan haunts for over 12 months, finding this place is like a breath of fresh air. New people to chat to about different vegan recipe ideas, the staff are uber friendly and will definitely help you out when you can't work out which spelt or coconut flour to buy.

Ambiance - 4/5: It feels warm, earthy and homely.
Service - 5/5: Friendly, helpful and relaxed. They went above and beyond for me.
Food: 9.5/10: I know it was only breakfast and I was hungry but man, these guys get it.

In total, Tom gives Organic To Go 18.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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