Yen Linh - This is the reason I left you....

Yen Linh - 14/113-131 Days Rd, Croydon Park

Don't you just hate the Xmas holidays when everything is closed? My 3 favourite places to eat Pho were closed on a weekday! So where else could I go other than my old favourite stomping ground - Yen Linh?

Many years ago I used to eat at Yen Linh every week, until I found out about NNQ and HGQ. There's nothing wrong with Yen Linh, it's just that the other places do a few things a bit better. 

Their prices are now matching their competitors, and are no longer some of the cheapest unfortunately. Service is the usual, find your own spot before someone sits on it especially at lunch times. You're not going to get silver service at these places, you're here for the food.

On the Chopping Board - Yen Linh
Combination Vermicelli Salad
My wife's benchmark dish is the combination vermicelli, and Yen Linh is certainly one of the best. Plenty of topping and vermicelli. The only down side to this dish is the pink minced pork balls that comes with it. It's not the best tasting, it just tastes like pepper. Pretty much a sign it's trying to hide something. Other than that, pour the accompanying sweet chilli fish sauce all over the dish and it's a great eat on a hot Summer's day.

On the Chopping Board - Yen Linh
Combination Broken Rice
Next up is the first of my benchmark dishes at every Vietnamese restaurant - Combination Broken Rice. I was in a hurry to order today and totally forgot about the egg, fail! Anyway, for those who follow me, I really rate HGQ as the best Combo Rice and Pho in Adelaide, and this is the reason why. Yen Linh's roast pork was fatty, not much meat and skin was not crispy, in addition the pork chop was dry and pretty bland tasting. In comparison HGQ's is pretty much perfect every time. Overall, Yen Linh's is a good dish, but when you've had better you don't look back.

On the Chopping Board - Yen Linh
XL Combination Pho
The main reason I haven't been to Yen Linh for a while is mainly because of their Pho. Over the years they've become smaller, less noodles and soup has become weak/watered down. Unfortunately today was not much different and showed to me why I haven't tried to mend this relationship. As you can clearly see from the photo, the serving size is $12 for a XL serving...underneath the onions and beef, there's actually not much noodles. The taste of the broth was still quite weak and didn't actually taste like beef broth. It tasted very similar to the MSG soup that comes with the Combination Broken Rice.

It's unfortunate to see things haven't changed for the better for Yen Linh. It was seriously one of the best places for value a few years back.

Service - 3/5
Ambience - 3/5
Food - 6/10

Hayes gives Yen Linh 12/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

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