Froth & Fodder - fairly fabulous.

Froth & Fodder - 1/41 Mortimer St, Kurralta Park

When it was suggested we have lunch at a new place in Kurralta Park, my expectations of brilliance were low, to say the least.

Froth & Fodder, Kurralta Park
Froth & Fodder, Kurralta Park
I (Tom) arrived early on a crazy wet day and found this cute, hipster cafe in a small group of shops, behind the shopping centre. Inside, the place was full, outside, there were two tables remaining. I took a table outside, next to a wooden dog tied to the verandah post. Naturally, I Instagrammed my new little friend with a naff comment about him not smelling like wet dog.

Left out in the rain...
We ordered green juices made with cucumber, mint, lime and kale and whoever made them absolutely nailed it. I know making juice might seem like a simple task but anyone who drinks fruit and veggie juice on a regular basis will know how often it is screwed up. These juices weren't too sweet, didn't have one overwhelming flavour and were so good. I enthusiastically drank mine before getting snap happy #sorrynotsorry.

Green juices
It'd been a while since we'd caught up, so we chatted for longer than normal before looking at the menu. In fact, the waiter gave us 20 minutes to decide; he'd come back every 5 minutes and we'd send him away asking him to return in 5 minutes on the promise that we'd be ready to order. 10 points for his patience!

When we did order, we kept it simple. Two chickpea and quinoa burgers, one with avocado instead of aioli to make it vegan. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. I'd already slurped the bottom of the my juice glass and was in danger of eating the glass. We eventually made eye contact with the staff who promptly went to the kitchen.

Moments later, two huge burgers appeared. As it turned out, during our lengthy decision making process, lots of other people had ordered the burgers and the chef had to make a new batch for us. We were totally impressed and couldn't wait to dig in.

quinoa and chickpea vegan burger
We weren't at all disappointed. The burgers had good texture and the quinoa had kept it's form, despite being mashed with the other ingredients. The tomato relish had enough kick to stand up to the burger and I reckon my avocado gave a similar creaminess to the aioli. My only criticisms are the pattie didn't hold it's form very well but this might be because it was made to order, and the fresh herb flavours could better balance out the heaviness of the other ingredients.

The ciabatta style bun was toasted but not too crispy, the inside was soft and not at all doughy. It's not often I can eat the base and top of a burger but I simply couldn't leave anything behind!

After lunch, we moseyed inside to pay our bill. Inside has a quaint feel to it. Whoever designed the interior has managed to strike the balance between vintage and minimalist to create a welcoming, uncluttered space broken up by feature pieces and menu boards.

Kitsch interior
Our bill was no more than $40, which I think is more than reasonable for a fresh, healthy lunch in this sort of setting. My initial reaction to dining out in Kurralta Park was unjust, this place could easily be placed on Leigh St or in North Adelaide and see the same success. I'm looking forward to coming back and introducing more people to the gem of Kurralta Park.

Ambiance - 4/5: A suburban cafe that would fit perfectly in the city.
Service - 3.5/5: Friendly, started out as efficient but then slowed down.
Food: 8/10: It was good but the burger didn't keep its form.

In total, Tom gives Froth & Fodder 15.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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  1. I'm a bit of a regular at F&F - Sean makes great coffee and it is conveniently on route to our warehouse!

  2. They have potential, but have to keep consistency. The chips were just unacceptable, the worst I had in years, pale and with weird artificial aftertaste. Better not to serve them at all.


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