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Raj on Taj - 12/13-23 Unley Rd Parkside

I have a few friends who live around Parkside area and I've had Raj on Taj for takeaway a few times, but never had a chance to dine in for a review until last night. One of my friends was going back to Japan for good, and she wanted one last taste of Indian. I suggested Indian Temptations, or even Chillies as these are my 'go-to' Indian places in Adelaide, however she wanted something around the corner from her house so Raj on Taj it was to be.

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Raj on Taj's menu
Raj on Taj on Unley road is a funny restaurant, it is actually two small adjacent buildings with one side being the dining area and toilets while the other is the kitchen and bar. The waiting staff actually have to exit the first building and walk outside and re-enter the adjacent dining building... hard to explain, but you'll understand if you ever go and dine there..... this could have easily solved by smashing a doorway between the buildings.

Anyway, we were seated near the window on a sunny day and quickly ordered a few drinks and ordered my usual benchmark Indian dishes for testing - Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb (or beef) Vindaloo and the full range of Naan.

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Butter Chicken $13.90
The dishes came out quickly and the first thing we all noticed were the small portions and particularly lack of actual ingredients (meat) in each, especially the Butter Chicken. I'm guessing that Butter Chicken is probably one of the most ordered Indian dishes at Indian restaurants, so you'd think any restaurant would load up this popular dish with pieces of meat so everyone can rave on about it, but no, there were no more than 6 very small pieces of chicken. Taste wise, it was nice, it was sweet, it was your average Butter Chicken.

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Lamb Vindaloo $13.90
The Lamb Vindaloo had more pieces of lamb than the Butter Chicken, somewhere around 8 or so. It was spicy, full of flavour and colour - just the way I like it. Actually this would be my favourite of the night.

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Tandoori Chicken Tikka Masala $17.90
The Chicken Tikka Masala is one of my favourite dishes to order at Indian restaurants because it's so easy to eat, everyone including my kids love it. This version from Raj on Taj came out on a plate rather than a smaller curry bowl like the other dishes, but it didn't mean it had more meat. Once again, there were about 5 pieces of chicken and quite a lot of sauce - quite disappointing, compared to Chillies where their serving sizes are huge with plenty of large pieces of chicken for a very reasonable price. 

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Naan - Plain, Butter, Cheese & Garlic and Garlic.
Next up, everyone's favourite - Naan. We ordered one of each. Naan was nice, but definitely not great, a bit too thick and heavy for my liking. I've had better from a few of the food courts in the City. The best of the bunch was the cheese and garlic, it was loaded with cheese.

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Mushroom Matter $8.90

The final dish of the night was a bit of a wildcard. We weren't too sure what else to order so we decided to order a dish from the vegetarian section, the Mushroom Matter. This dish was in fact quite tasty. Accompany this with rice, it was a very easy dish to eat which was quite different from the normal spiciness of the curries.

Taj on Raj is unfortunately situated in a prestigious suburb meaning that prices may likely be higher or have smaller servings than other suburban Indian gems like Chillies. This is a shame because many of us believe that Indian Temptations has set a very high benchmark for Indian food in Adelaide with quantity, quality and price. It's difficult for me to recommend other Indian restaurants unless I'm physically stuck for options. So if you're ever in the Unley area looking for Indian, try out Taj, otherwise if you have a car, I'd go the other two options.

Ambience - 2.5/5: being separated from the main building is a strange feeling, there's really no sense of actually being in a restaurant because you aren't actually in it, you're more in a dining room.....
Service - 2.5/5: based on being away from the kitchen and bar, the waiters can't actually be called, you have to wait until they randomly come into the dining area to get service.
Food - 6.5/10: It's a bit pricier than others, smaller serving sizes and about the same taste, so I really can't give it much.

Hayes gives Raj on Taj 11.5/20 chops on the Chopping Board.

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  1. 02/05/2014 We went for dinner to Raj on Taj Unley tonight. We have just moved from London to Adelaide and we are now living in Unley so we thought that it was a good occasion to enjoy the warmth and richness of an Indian meal.

    Having lived in London for 15 years and travelled all around the world, we have a good understanding of what to expect.

    It was my husband, our 4 year old daughter and myself. We thought that the deco was quite nice and pleasant. The waitress was quite friendly while taking our order and we did not have to wait long for our meal. We ordered Chicken Korma (our daughter's favourite), Spinach Lamb, some rice and Garlic Naan Bread. The portions were quite small. The chicken korma was quite spicy for a korma, kormas typically are very mild. No taste of cream, almonds, yoghurt, the pieces of chicken were very chewy. The spinach lamb was quite average too. The garlic naan did not taste of garlic. There was a lack of flavour and richness in the food we tried. I am so pleased we decided to wait before ordering anything else. The waitress came along half way our meal and asked us how our meal was. We explained to her all the reasons why we did not like the korma or the garlic naan. She said that she would tell the manager, we saw her talking to the person we assume was the manager. She came back and took payment, gave us our receipt and said "sorry" and that was it. We felt that the manager did not really care. The place was quite busy so I guess they do not need to listen to the customer. We will never go back there again. It is without doubt the worst Indian I have ever been.


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