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Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta

360 Gradi invited all members of The Chopping Board to sample their menu. All meals and drinks were provided free of charge. All five of us dined together like one big, happy family and have added our comments on the sampled dishes below.

Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta

Every now and again, we're invited to dine out as a group and if we feel inclined, we'll review it and post it on the blog. Very rarely are we treated to a meal like we had here. Admittedly, we weren't expecting much from the basic but very clean and organised interior, the laminated menus didn't fill us with confidence but the love and passion that went into the food and service won us over and we're sure you'll feel the same. These guys have gone above and beyond to cater for as many dietary requirements as you can imagine and they've done it without compromising flavour and quality.

Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta
Bread Sticks
The guys brought us some bread sticks while we decided what we wanted to order. Like sticks of pizza dough, these were freshly baked and were a nice appetiser to munch on while we chatted. Still, we couldn't decide what we wanted, so we asked them to feed us with whatever they wished to showcase (and make sure there was something vegan for Tom!).

360 Gradi, Vegan, Pizza, Vegetarian
Verdure: Vegetarian Pizza with Vegan option - $21
Mirko: Vegan pizza had the addition of soy cheese and no one in the group could tell the difference, was a great tasting pizza and props to the owners for providing vegan options.

Hayes: Great vegan pizza, overall this was the best for the night (I can't believe it).

Nathan: If I was served this pizza, not first knowing it was vegan, I would have simply asked, what type of cheese was used, it's good! I really enjoyed this pizza, the vegetables tasted like they were straight out of the garden and the cheese was spot on. The base on this (and all the pizzas) had a great 'chew' to it, and a crispy crust. Lots of char on the base made for just enough crunch without drying it out. 

Tom: OMFGWTFPIZZA. This is the first time I've had a vegan pizza with cheese that actually melted and was stringy like mozzarella. Any vegans who have tried melting cheese will understand why this is the best thing since, well... melted cheese. To be frank, the topping and base could've been anything under that cheese but luckily, the ingredients were super fresh and the base was thin and cooked just the way I like it. Top marks.

360 Gradi, Parma Prosciutto, Pizza
Special: Parma Prosciutto with Rocket - $21

Mirko: All ingredients were fresh and the use of good quality prosciutto was evident.

Nathan: Great tasting prosciutto, and the rocket definitely helped balance the flavours on this pizza. The meat is definitely treated as the star.
Hayes: I'm not a huge fan of raw ingredients on pizza, but it worked quite well. The rocket added a fresh, peppery flavour that cut through the prosciutto, without it, the flavours might've been flat and stodgy.

360 Gradi, Margherita, Pizza, Vegetarian, Vegan
Margherita: tomato, mozzarella with half  vegan option - $18
Mirko: This pizza reminded me of the cheese pizzas that I have had on my visits to NYC. The chef provided us with a half standard, half vegan margherita and commented that cooking time between cheeses was different so may come out slightly undercooked on the vegan side. Aside from that, pizza was simple and delicious. We questioned the lack of basil and the chef commented that the pizza oven is slightly hotter than norm and therefore the addition of basil is done at the end if requested by the customer given that margherita pizzas in specific areas of Italy do not traditionally use basil.

My thoughts on all three pizzas were whilst flavoursome, I would have preferred the base to be slightly thicker as they would have held up better and would have been easier to eat.

Hayes: Like the vegan pizza, the margherita was great; simple, delicious and a great way to finish our pizza experience.

Nathan: The margherita for me is how I like to compare each pizza I eat. This one had a very NY feel to it, maybe it was the thin style, or the way it flopped and bent in my hand as I ate it, either way, I had this instant NY pizza memory, which I haven't had with any other Adelaide pizza. I really enjoyed the sauce and would have liked a smidge more across the base, but that was a personal preference; no one else agreed! 

Tom: Ok, so I took a random guess at which side the vegan cheese was on and I hope I got it right. The sign of a good chef is being able to produce winning flavour combinations without any fuss and fluff. The base, simple tomato sauce and cheese was deliciously simple; there's something nice about being able to taste every element of a dish.

Jess: All pizzas had a well cooked toothsome base, toppings were all fresh and there was a good variety of pizza flavours to satisfy a range of palates. The vegan Verdure was surprisingly tasty with the addition of soy mozzarella - literally could not tell the difference between normal mozzarella (pretty sure a sacrilege). That being said I feel there could've been a tad more of both sauce and cheese on each pizza.

Penne All'Arrabbiata, Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pasta
Penne All'Arrabbiata: tomato, chilli - $12

Jess: The penne in a tomato and chilli sugo had a solid amount of spice, that coated and lingered on the edges of your mouth, but wasn't at all overbearing.

Hayes: This pasta was great, simple, spicy, punchy and had a nice fresh tomato taste. The pasta was al-dente, and slightly undercooked, but I like it like that.

Nathan: Great base sauce again, with a good hit of chilli. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dish, but felt the pasta was just under how I like it. The other OTCB members were mixed on their opinions of the level of bite, but the next pasta dish was delivered the same so it's definitely how the chef likes it!

Tom: I'm not normally a fan of spicy food, especially pasta but this one hit the spot. The spice wasn't overwhelming and didn't overpower flavours from the other ingredients. I don't claim to be an expert on cooking pasta but it was a little underdone for my liking. That being said, I'm pretty sure my mum brought me up on pasta that was boiled for way longer than it should've been.

360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta, Adelaide, Tortellini
Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto Cotto: minced beef torellini, cream, ham - $16

Jess: The tortellini was standard fare with a basic cream sauce that was tasty and comforting. Both tortellini and penne were a fraction less cooked than al-dente. Another half a minute or so would have been perfection.

Hayes: The tortellini wasn't anything amazing, unfortunately.

Nathan: The tortellini were nicely stuffed little packages. This whole dish had more weight to it, with the ham, beef and cream. I felt it was well delivered, and made for a good break from all the tomato!

Mirko: Pastas in general tasted nice, however of the two tasted (tortellini and penne), I liked the flavours of the penne better as they were a little more bold with a hint of heat. The pasta was a little under for my liking, a few more seconds would have made a world of difference.

Pannacotta, Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta
Vanilla Pannacotta with berries - $6.50
Jess: Pannacotta was evidently going to be delicious with a good level of "wobble" and speckled with vanilla. Each mouthful was bliss - consistently smooth and creamy throughout. The texture was faultless, a pleasure to eat and a steal at $6.50 for a very generous serve.

Mirko: The pannacotta arrived to which everyone gasped when we saw the all needed 'wobble' - what is the term?! Readers please tell us! We knew it was going to be good. The vanilla flavour was present but not overbearing and the pannacotta itself smooth and creamy with no grainy texture whatsoever.

Hayes: Pannacotta had a very nice nice texture and consistency.
Nathan: As simple as pannacotta is, it can be very difficult to get right. This is one of the best versions I've had out. Smooth, sweet and the right wobble. Lots of berries to cut through all that cream too.

Calzone, Nutella, Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta
Calzone Alla Nutella: Nutella, almond, sugar - $19

Jess: Calzone Alla Nutella had the same high quality dough as the pizzas, whilst the Nutella was perfectly warmed through without any hint of burnt, grainy or crusty bits; which is a common occurrence for baked chocolate products (e.g pane au chocolate).

Mirko: The calzone was smothered in Nutella and then wedged with more. Decandent and delicious - seriously, you can't go wrong with Nutella. Addition of slivered almonds assisted with adding some extra textures to the dish. Nom nom nom!

Hayes: Nutella pizza - not my kind of thing, I'm not a sweet tooth so you should take what the others have written on board.

Nathan: I only started eating Nutella in France, when I tried a Nutella crepe. Since then, I've eaten my fair share to catch up. This was extremely decadent, thick crunchy base with sweet and warm Nutella.

Italian Hot Chocolate, Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta
Italian Hot Chocolate - thick & creamy (price not recorded)

Jess: lastly we were all offered an Italian hot chocolate to try. This was more like a chocolate custard - the texture a cross between Yogo and chocolate mousse. Naturally, this was served with a small teaspoon. The hot chocolate was divine, with a rich deep chocolate flavour. A very decadent way to finish the meal.  

Mirko: Italian hot chocolate was a great way to end the night with the chocolate not being overly sweet.

Nathan: Just when I thought that I'd had enough, this came out. Very very thick, even thicker than those I had in Spain, this was a dessert on it's own. It was rich and warming, and enough to signal the end for me!

Tom: While the other four loaded Nutella calzone and pannacotta into their faces, I was devouring the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted. Made using soy milk and dark chocolate, the only bad thing about it is that it's not served in a giant mug. The chocolate stuck to the spoon and was so thick and creamy, I ate it with my spoon. I've had dreams about this hot chocolate.

Adelaide, 360 Gradi, Pizza, Pasta
The interior, simple and focused on the pizzas!
As we left, Hayes couldn't resist going back in to order a pannacotta to take away and as he walked out, carrier bag in hand he promised to be back for more, after all, he lives just around the corner.

As for the rest of us, we'll be telling as many people as we can about the warm friendly service, the wobbly pannacotta, rich hot chocolate and vegan pizza & pasta. 360 Gradi is well worth checking out if you're after a good quality family meal or fancy a night on the couch with some of Adelaide's best takeaway pizza and pasta - whatever you do though, don't forget to order the Nutella calzone and hot chocolates!
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