The Green Room on High St - food fit for the main stage

The Green Room on High St - 2 High St, Willunga

It was one of those days when I felt like we'd spent way too long in the car driving through the southern 'burbs. It was about to turn 2:30pm and I started to panic; in my mind's eye, I could see chefs all around South Australia turning off their ovens, blowing out the gas burner and stripping off their aprons because God knows, no one wants to eat anything substantial between 2:30pm and 6pm.

Carefully chosen mis-matched furniture works a treat here.
Luckily, we stopped in the Willunga Main St, opposite what used to be a post office and is now a cafe with a brilliant ethos.
Our Aim:
To provide a beautiful space in which we cater for people with individual dietary need.
To include a safe space which is child friendly, with kids outdoor/indoor play areas.
To support the local growers & businesses of South Australia.
To provide a venue shared by the community.
To promote healthy eating & organic knowledge.
To ensure a low impact on the environment.
To be passionate about what we have created.
Inside, the mis-matched furniture works a treat and doesn't let the place look messy. The selection of books and hand-made craft decorating one corner of the space entertained me whilst we waited for our meals.

I was feeling turbo hangry (hungry + angry), so I ordered a huge green smoothie followed by a pie with salad.

My smoothie was more like a juice but it hit the spot. Not too vegetably, it was fruity enough to satisfy my sweet craving and the tiny chunks let me know it was freshly made.

Om nom nom. Green smoothie/juice.
My mushroom pie was more like a chickpea pie with mushrooms but it was still delicious. Hot all the way through to the centre, there was no indication that this baby had ever seen a microwave but it had seen a whole lotta love and attention. The pastry (although vegan) was crisp and thick and not at all crumbly. It held the contents of the pie well and is definitely on my 'top five pastries' list.

My mushroom pie and apple and beetroot salad.
The salad was funky. With beetroot, apple and purple basil (what's that stuff called? Let me know in the comments), it was refreshing and substantial. I decided the basil added the fresh funk I couldn't pick when I first tasted it. Admittedly, I smashed the pie before I started on the salad, I'm sure they'd be BFFs but I didn't give them a chance.

Mark ordered the same pie but he opted for a quinoa salad with carrot and sweet potato.

Mark's mushroom pie and quinoa salad
I was super happy we stumbled across this little gem in the south. Filled with good vibes, friendly staff and built on a brilliant ethos, I recommend you pay these guys a visit next time you're in the area.

Ambiance - 4/5: A nice space to relax in and have a quiet conversation.
Service - 3.5/5: Friendly and fast but minimal.
Food: 8.5/10: Amazing pastry but the mushroom:chickpea ratio was whack.

In total, Tom gives The Green Room on High St 16/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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