Little Orange Arancini - little balls of goodness

The little Orange Arancini and Pizza Bar - 1 Holland Street, Adelaide

The Little Orange Arancini and Pizza Bar invited all members of The Chopping Board to their stall at The Market Shed on Holland Street. All meals were provided free of charge.

We'd heard great things about this little place and it was already on our 'to-do' list when an email arrived in our inbox in late 2013 from Daniel - The Little Orange Arancini inviting us to try their new wood oven in the new year. Summer arrived and on a very hot 40 degree day we decided to pay them a visit and try the goodies that their namesake suggests.

Little Orange Arancini - The Chopping Board
Little Orange Arancini stall with wood fired oven
Little Orange Arancini - The Chopping Board
Organic brown rice with porcini mushrooms(left) and Aborio rice with beef ragu (right) - $4 ea 
First on the menu were the arancini. For those of you that may not be aware, arancini are fried rice balls with different fillings. We were given two to try - the brown rice with porcini mushrooms and the beef ragu. 

Both arancini flavours were delicious, with the ratio of rice, sauce and filling on point. The beef ragu arancini ball was saucy and flavoursome reminding us of a delicious meatball. The mushroom arancini was a little less intense in its flavour but nonetheless still very nice. The olive oil that was drizzled over the arancini was of a good quality and added to the overall flavours.

The arancini's make a great snack, however at $4 each we all thought that they were a little on the pricey side. We all agree that a cheaper price point (i.e. 2 for $6) would be more appealing as we have seen other 'snack' items at a cheaper price point proving more quantity.

[UPDATE] - in between our visit to Little Orange Arancini in early February 2014 and the publishing of this post, their prices have since changed. Current prices are $4 for one, and 2 for $6.

Following the arancini, we were given a trio of pizza - Margherita, Daily Special and the Vegan.

Little Orange Arancini - The Chopping Board
Pizza Margherita
Little Orange Arancini - The Chopping Board
Special Pizza - Beef sausages, basil, cheese and tomato with runny egg
Little Orange Arancini - The Chopping Board
Pizza Margherita - vegan
The group loves wood oven pizza and we have performed a few pizza reviews in our time. We all like to base a good restaurant on the way it does its Margherita and Little Orange Arancini did not disappoint. The Margherita was simple and flavoursome with fresh tasty ingredients used - a testament to the chef and his ability to showcase the ingredients.

The second dish was more of a breakfast pizza with a runny egg in the middle of the pizza and chunky beef sausage from a local Market Shed stall - Triple B Biodynamic beef. Again, great tasty ingredients and the addition of the runny egg was different but good. 

A pizza without cheese is like a car with three wheels; it looks like it just might work but when you start driving, you soon realise a car needs four wheels for it to work properly. My favourite vegan pizza is made by the chef at Jimmies (read the review here), not because it's any better or worse than this one but because the flavours and texture wow me to the point where I don't miss the cheese. My tip? If you're going to serve vegan pizza, stay away from Margherita and opt for an intense blend of flavours and something other than the base to add texture.

Overall, all three pizzas used fresh ingredients with generous toppings and a very rustic home-made feel. If we were to comment on anything, we all agreed that the dough was a little undercooked and thick for our personal liking.

It's great to see a little stall like this producing delicious food and supporting local fresh produce in a hidden gem of a location at the Market Shed on Holland Street. If you're ever in the city on a Sunday morning, head on down and say hi to Daniel and Caitlin and try one of their pizza or arancini.

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