Market Shed on Holland - it's Sunday, you're not in a hurry

The Market Shed on Holland - 1 Holland St, Adelaide (behind the IGA on Gilbert St)

Any blogger, reviewer or journo either has or wants to describe this place as 'a hidden gem' and that's because it is. But since the evolution of Splash Adelaide, Adelaide is full of hidden gems; so what's so special about this one?

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

Walking behind the IGA (TIP: stop at the Redi ATM to grab some cash before you reach the market), it feels secretive in a special kind of way. We were greeted by a chalk board we later found out was created by Nick and Hannah from The Productive Garden Co (an amazing Adelaide success story, visit their website for more info) - one of them read "Thanks for shopping with us on a hot day" - if you weren't already filled with warm fuzzies, that will do the trick.

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

It was 40 degrees, the shed was hot. Really hot. Almost unbearable but the smell of coffee, freshly baked bread and to allure of kitsch stalls filled with handmade goodies helped us forget about the feeling of being perched on the surface of the sun.

We wandered over to the 'friends of the market' stall by the entrance where we found sign up forms ($30 to become a 'friend', includes a handmade wooden tasting board (the type you could easily pay $40 for) and a market bag (the kind you'd expect to see in the back of a BMW in the eastern 'burbs) and a series of 'trails' including a gluten free trail and a vegan trail. If you choose to take a trail, you can do so free of charge and simply pay $3.50 for a tasting (this is where your board comes in handy) at a handful of stalls. We love this idea - it's perfect for the budding foodie but Tom found it especially handy to know which of the stalls offered vegan delights.

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

After a lap of the market and madly trying to take in as much as we possibly could, we worked our way back to the entrance to find Hunt & Gather Pops offering five flavours of ice pops (three vegan options including salted caramel). We snapped them up in a desperate effort to cool down before heading over for a tasting we were invited to at Little Orange Arancini (read our review here). The ice pops hit the spot and when other market goers saw us with ice pops, they asked where they could get one. Yes, we're trend setters :)

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market

Tom was especially excited to visit Bona Food, after buying the inaugural magazine and cooking almost every recipe, he was mad keen to meet the girls behind the mag and it's yet another Adelaide foodie success story. Two girls, passionate about local ingredients, almost 100% vegan food and some raw nutrition; developing recipes, styling photo shoots and writing health and wellbeing articles from their modest Adelaide home published a magazine and now have a permanent store in the market shed.

With family visiting that afternoon, Tom bought a whole vegan quiche, four salads and eight raw desserts from the girls for $100 - bargain! Aside from lunch being a huge success, Bona Food is an air conditioned oasis on a hot day.

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market, Bona Food

Right next door to Bona Food is Walnut Bar. Offering gluten free, dairy free and organic produce, these guys sell a range of nut cheeses and vegan treats. If you're feeling thirsty and looking for the best vegan bottled drink on the planet, opt for the wattle seed almond milk, it tastes pretty much like a Farmer's Union Iced Coffee, minus the dairy, caffeine and calories. You're welcome.

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market, Walnut Bar

Walk out of Walnut Bar and you'll run into Live a Little who serve vegan waffles and gelati. With four or five flavours (some flavours change each week), I'm sure you'll find something that takes your fancy. Licking the vegan gelati, you'd never know it wasn't filled with creamy dairy goodness, whatever this lady has done to non-dairy milk is nothing short of a cruelty-free miracle! Next week, I'm heading back to get those waffles in and around my face.

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market, Walnut Bar

Adelaide, Market Shed On Holland, Farmers Market, Walnut Bar

It's a great feeling walking around the markets surrounded by fresh local produce, stalls full of aromatic ingredients and the scent of freshly ground coffee. There is certainly a buzz in the air when you walk from corner to corner, surrounded by the music from the live bands and cheerful children running and circling around the stalls. Open 9am - 3pm every Sunday, this place is well worth a visit and not just to shop, to sit back and take it all in - it's Sunday, you're not in a hurry.

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