Quick Chop! The Daniel O'Connell

The Daniel O'Connell Pub and Dining - 165 Tynte Street  North Adelaide

I (Camellia) attended a lunch at The Daniel O'Connell as a part of a Tasting Australia event with Chef Ferguson Henderson. It included a set menu composed by Phil Whitmarsh (executive chef) with five courses for $50 or $15 each on their own. Naturally, I chose the five.

The Daniel O'Connell is tucked away in North Adelaide on Tynte street and bears a quaint, tidy exterior. It has a comforting traditional pub feel which is exemplified when entering through the bar and in to the spacious back dining area. A bicycle and canoe, among other things, hang from the rafters. The restaurant specialises in nose to tail dining and lesser utilised cuts/ingredients.

We're greeted with house bread accompanied by hand made butter and sea salt. The butter, whipped, and the salt sprinkled on top which allows control over the level of saltiness which I enjoyed.

First course was pigs trotters on toast with pickled onion and fried egg. The crunchy tang of the onions work well against the richness of the trotter and egg.

Pigs trotters on toast with pickled onion and fried egg. 
Next, fried lamb brain with cured kingfish, slices of shaved kohlrabi, radish and apple. I absolutely loved all the elements of this dish separately but didn't feel they quite worked together. The kingfish and lamb brain were perfect; crunchy coating and melting rich brain and a soft tender flavourful slice of fish. But together the fish taste is lost over the richness of the brain.

Fried lamb brain with cured kingfish, slices of shaved kohlrabi, radish and apple
After that, ox tongue with butter bean puree and radish. This was my favourite dish. Tender umami rich tongue, smooth bean puree and a slice of crisp fresh radish.

Ox tongue with butter bean puree and radish
Second to last, "The Chicken", which looked rather macabre as it featured a whole fried chicken foot hovering over the rest of the dish. It was made up of a spiced bread base, liver parfait, grilled heart and wing meat. Each element was filled with flavour and neatly arranged, and picking up the chicken foot to eat by hand was a playful experience; but not for everyone (whole chicken foot, toenails attached etc etc).

The Chicken - not for everyone
Finally, potato city. Not the actual name, but this dish was so potatoey it was even more potato than a potato! Potato puree, roasted potato, fried potato and fried sweet potato leaf all bathed in a potato broth (which tasted super potatoey). I enjoyed this mostly for the potato novelty, and the flavours were deep and rich.

Adelaide, Daniel O'Connel, Potato City
Potato City
All around, I thoroughly enjoyed The Daniel O'Connell and definitely would recommend it for something a little different/more exciting. The executive chef has some brilliant ideas and the quality of the food is impeccable. Lots of thought and care goes into each element which really comes through in the whole dining experience.

Ambiance - 4/5: A strong and interesting interior, comfortable and roomy.
Service - 4.5/5: Lovely, helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Food: 8.5/10: A unique and exciting menu, something different.

In total, Camellia gives The Daniel O'Connell 17/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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