Low & Slow American BBQ at Entropy

Low & Slow American BBQ Pop Up at Entropy (37 Little Queen Street, Thebarton)

Local Adelaide food truck Low & Slow American BBQ have been roaming the city streets lately dishing out tasty hot smoked meats to hungry lunchers. They also recently decided to pair up with Entropy, a new cafe in Thebarton to create a temporary pop up restaurant. I (Camellia) was fortunate enough to nab a spot at their first dinner, which sold out the same night seating was released.

The truck has been setting up camp at various events around Adelaide for the last 18 months selling smoked meat sandwiches and signature slaw to street side lunchers. This was their first night selling out of a restaurant style space and working in a commercial kitchen environment.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, Inside Entropy
Inside Entropy

The space at entropy was roomy and family-style with most bookings sharing tables. Not sure how I felt about this as my group booking was large and we were able to have our own table, but I was assured it was out of the hands of Low & Slow and all that Entropy had on offer. Service was provided at the counter, but was fast and consistent. Drinks were all provided by Entropy and I enjoyed a nice glass of white as I mingled.

Right before ordering time was a highlight for the diners as Angus & Angus (Low & Slow) walked through the restaurant to the kitchen carrying a huge box filled with the hot smoked beef brisket, pork ready to pull and glorious beef short ribs.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, Hot Meats
Hot Meats

Options for the night were pulled pork, beef brisket and beef short ribs, all smoked by hand by the guys and seasoned with their secret spice rub mixes. Each option came with a side of their signature coleslaw and Texas style baked beans. There was also, the option to have all three meats with sides for $35, which I (being the pig I am) obviously chose.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, The Full Spread
The Full Spread

As soon as the meals came out, I had a deep feeling of regret. And not because the food didn't look amazing, because it looked AMAZING. But because there was just SO much! "Too much food" isn't usually a sentence I throw around much, but seriously. Mostly I was just upset by the idea of leaving any of the glorious BBQ goodness to go to waste. In reality, this wasn't a bad thing, because it really added to the authentic charm of the experience (truly American serving sizes). And I'm sure if I'd asked I could have gotten the rest to go.

The dishes were served on trays lined by butchers paper stamped with the Low & Slow logo. At first you might think it's a bit gross, eating off paper. But This is exactly how BBQ in the USA is presented. The guys had it down to a tee even placing the sides in those cute little rectangular cardboard containers.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, Coleslaw
Coleslaw Plate Up
Adelaide, Low & Slow, Beans
Stirring the Beans

The brisket was firm yet tender and the fat melted away in my mouth. Hot, fresh and so full of flavour from their signature rub. The pulled pork was hot, juicy and tender as always, with nice amounts of soft dark meat and crunchy edge pieces.

The sides were on point with their signature slaw, consistently good - an addition of apple is the key, and the texas style beans warm and smokey with a sweet edge. Also featuring: crunchy, tangy house made pickles and a comforting potato salad which brought back tasty childhood memories. The only minor complaint I can make is that the beans were a little too sweet, but I think that was a personal thing as my fellow diners didn't have any qualms.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, Slicing the Ribs
Slicing the Ribs

The real star of the show for me though was the beef short rib. Big fat beef ribs thick with a crust of spice rub, just the right amount of resistance and juicy marbled fat. It took all my inner strength to not throw down the knife and fork and go full carnivore on that rib. I couldn't finish the whole plate of food (but made a pretty good effort) but boy oh boy, did I finish that beef rib good. So satisfying.

Adelaide, Low & Slow, One More Time
One More Time...

Even when I thought I was about to explode, I picked up the untouched bun and had a taste. Next minute, half of it had disappeared. Everything on that platter was so fantastic I can't fault any element more any more than a smidge. It's a good thing I can't have this every day or I'll be needing a gym pass quick smart.

Moral of the story is, Low & Slow will be doing more pop up dinners at entropy throughout the near future so you should definitely try and nab a spot at one if you can. Their facebook page keeps everything up to date with the pop up dinners, as well as their truck whereabouts for lunch around town (which features brisket & pork). But if you want the rib, you know what to do.

Service: 3.5/5 (entropy, eh)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (very spacious, nice, but a bit open)
Food: 9/10 (delicious and satisfying)

Camellia gives Low & Slow Entropy Pop Up 16.5/20 chops On The Chopping Board.

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