Bread and Bone - new number 1 contender

Bread & Bone Wood Grill - 15 Peel St, Adelaide

Regular readers would know my obsession with burgers, and with finding Adelaide's best. It's been a while since I have updated the Burger Roundup, and it's not that I haven't been eating Burgers! I still maintain my number 1 is Press*. Until a visit to Bread and Bone recently.

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The entrance off Peel St - Head upstairs to the left
Bread and Bone is owned by the same team that own Press*, so you'd expect something very similar, if not the same, but in a different setting. While this is partially true, the burger menu has been expanded and it is the variety that might just move it to number 1. I am not going to make the call to make this my number 1 Adelaide Burger just yet, as I am yet to return three times to ensure consistency - so lookout in the coming months.

I was aware of the background of Bread and Bone, and was eager to try it out. I took a work buddy along, who has had plenty of good burgers and could help me determine its status. I ordered the double cheeseburger, with two patties, two pieces of cheese, speck, pickles, mustard and kewpie mayonnaise.

Adelaide, Best Burger, Burger, Bread and Bone, Peel Street, Press, Meat,
Double Cheeseburger - $15.50
The burger came out pretty quickly, considering the place was packed to the brim. We were lucky to get the last seats at the bar for the Friday lunch rush. We also grabbed a side of fries to share. On first look, the burger is big, with two very solid looking patties and a decent amount of juices running out onto the bun and side plate. 

As I took my first bite of the burger, I was instantly reminded of many a Press* burger. The patty has the same blend of beef cuts, and is cooked medium rare, just as I like it. The patty is juicy, so juicy, delicious and has just the right amount of seasoning. The bun is great, firm and slightly sweet, and held up throughout the meal, even with all the juices from the patty. The cheese isn't the focus for the burger, but still pops up every once in a while, adding to the experience. The kewpie mayonnaise is applied liberally, and helps to balance the meatiness of the patties. The only letdown, if it's possible, was that the speck wasn't very prominent. 

The fries were shoestring, well salted and were served fresh (no picture - too busy devouring burger). There are enough in the serve to share, as no fries or onion rings are included with the burger. We also requested to try the chef's homemade hot sauce. and I would suggest that you do too. Whilst not super hot, it had a great smokiness and vinegar punch. 

The burger menu at Bread and Bone takes the glorious burger from Press* and adds some choice in size and ingredients to build upon. Whilst I am not willing to call a new number 1 until consistency can be ensured, I won't be finding it to difficult to find a reason to return. 

Nathan gives the Double Cheeseburger from Bread and Bone 18/20 chops on The Chopping Board

Food: 9 - A delicious, well balanced burger. 
Ambiance: 4.5 - A cool space, packed with burger lovers. 
Service: 4.5 - Prompt, easy going staff.

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  1. Just had the press burger. Wasn't too impressed. Perhaps they've shifted their focus to bread and bone instead!


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