Legacy of India - Not the lasting legacy we were after

Legacy of India - Shop 2, 180 Main Road, Blackwood

The kind people at Menulog shouted us dinner in return for reviewing their service. You can read about our experience with Menulog here.

Takeaway food order - Legacy of India, Blackwood
The arrival of Legacy of India
It was around 8:30pm and we were starving, luckily, we had ordered up big. Camellia had a good point about the delivery driver being a bit suss of us; three of us walked up my driveway with iPhone torches to take delivery of $120 worth of Indian takeaway on a Wednesday night. On the other hand, I assume not much has changed since my pizza delivery days and that could possibly be the least weird experience of his night.

Eggplant Bhaji - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Eggplant Bhaji
TOM: If I was describing this on a menu, I'd say it was 'gram flour and cumin with a hint of eggplant'. This dish should carry a warning: DO NOT EAT WITH DRY MOUTH.

MIRKO: Going to have to agree with Tom here. The bhaji was more batter than eggplant which disappointed me as I am a massive fan of eggplant. 

CAMELLIA: I really liked the soft pieces of eggplant but unfortunately there wasn't much of it. Very thin slices and thick doughy batter.

Vegetable Samosa - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Vegetable Samosa
TOM and MIRKO: Hands down, the best dish of the night. The pastry was light and crisp, the filling of potatoes and peas was easily distinguishable and the balance of spices was just right.

CAMELLIA: Delicious! Totally agree with Tom and Mirko. Wanted to eat more but had to refrain so I could fit in my mains.

Onion Bhaji - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Onion Bhaji
TOM: I've had better. Much better. In fact, in a blind taste test, I don't think I'd be able to pick these as onion bhaji. The onion is difficult to detect because it's smothered in the same gram flour and spice mix as the eggplant bhaji. I think my number one tip for Legacy of India in Blackwood is to rethink the flour the chef is using.

MIRKO: Again, a very disappointing bhaji. Very very dry. There were sauces to accompany the dishes but they did not help the situation. Give me more of those samosas!

CAMELLIA: Ew this was so bad. Didn't really taste like onion, just tasted dry and crumbly like eating foam. Re-living it in my mind to write this is even making me uncomfortable.

Butter Chicken - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Butter Chicken
MIRKO: Butter chicken (whilst not authentic Indian) is always a favourite of mine and is a good gauge of the restaurant and their abilities. I don't know how, but the meat was dry - even when soaked in the curry.  Nothing special about this dish.

CAMELLIA: Not hideous, nothing bad. But nothing to rave about. As Mirko mentioned the meat was a bit dry which I was surprised about since it was chicken thigh and in a rich sauce. Sauce had a nice tomato flavour but again, nothing special.

Beef Vindaloo - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Beef Vindaloo
MIRKO: Of the curries that we ordered, this was my favourite. Tender beef with a spicy curry that had good heat but was not overbearing.

CAMELLIA: This was really nice, my favourite also. The meat was tender and tasty and the sauce had a good oomph of chili flavour, not just the heat but the taste of chili. Not really sure how spot on it was as far as vindaloo goes but I really liked it!

Lamb Rogasn Josh - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Lamb Korma

MIRKO: Again, a very dry dish which I would not order again.

CAMELLIA: Meat was really  chewy which was unpleasant. And the sauce just tasted very heavily of cream and not enough spice. Would not order again either.

Mattar Mushroom - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Mattar Mushroom
TOM: This is one of the vegan main courses we ordered and I wanted to try it because it's described as
"a luxurious dish of mushrooms and green peas in a velvet smooth gravy of onions and tomatoes, flavoured with subtle spices"
Hmmmm, I don't think I need to tell you the description and picture don't match. Mind you, the dish wasn't all bad. The mushrooms had good texture, the peas weren't mushy and overcooked but overall, the dish lacked substance.

CAMELLIA: I tried this also and didn't mind it. It was pleasant.

Eggplant Masala - Legacy of India, Blackwood
Eggplant Masala
TOM: The other vegan dish that was ordered was the Eggplant Masala that should've been named 'Eggplant and Potato Masala' because there were equal amounts of both eggplant and potato. Regardless, the dish was my second favourite of the night and the only one that packed a good spicy punch for me.

CAMELLIA: I really love eggplant so was excited about this. The eggplant was nice and soft but the dish lacked seasoning. And like Tom mentioned, contained a lot of potato. Not bad, but nothing to rave about.

MIRKO - 4/10
TOM - 6/10

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