Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza - does it stack up?

Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza - 3/503 Goodwood Rd, Colonel Light Gardens.

We eat a lot of pizza - here's proof - but over the past few months, I've seen posts about Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza vegan menu pop up in my Facebook feed almost everyday. After the most amazing vegan pizza I've ever eaten at 360 Gradi, I was open to being wowed but pretty doubtful all the same.

We had every intention of eating in but when we arrived, we soon realised it's a classic pizza bar - 100% takeaway. Totally my bad for not investigating this before we decided to go out. We were served by a passionate and enthusiastic guy who knew all about vegan pizzas and helped me out when I couldn't decide what to order. As a vegan, it's strange to have so many options.

Vegan garlic bread
I'd heard awesome things about the garlic bread and I wasn't disappointed! The buttery (tasting) bread with herbs and lashings of garlic is exactly what I wanted. The crunchy bread crust and squishy centre is something I've missed since eating a vegan diet.

Mark's non-vegan Pomodore pizza
Mark wasn't having a bar of fake cheese and ordered his dairy cheese pizza. He wasn't blown away by it and said it was comparable to any other pizza bar-style pizza.

My vegan Mediterranean pizza
This is what I was hanging out to try. A vegan pizza with 100% vegan cheese and the first time I'd ordered fake pepperoni. I wish I'd gone for a veggie pizza with no cheese. The "cheese" was grainy and not at all stringy like I'd had at 360 Gradi. The "pepperoni" tasted like small pieces of melted plastic with chilli. In fact, the best part of the pizza was the olives and tomato. Even the crust was soggy and not at all what I expected from a wood oven pizza bar.

Only the best vegan dessert calzone I've ever tasted
Finally, I opened the box of my chocolate and banana calzone. The smell of sugar and excess calories was seeping out of the crusty dough and the accompanying soy cream was hanging out to be poured over. I wasn't at all disappointed. Inside, melted chocolate, hot banana was waiting for me and it was like heaven in a cardboard box. The soy cream was deliciously sweet and paired perfectly with the calzone.

I wasn't blown away by Papa Mias and I'd still go to 360 Gradi, given the choice but I take my hat off to them for recognising the vegan community and giving us a plethora of options at super reasonable prices - it really is above and beyond for a suburban pizza bar.

Next time you're passing by, call or jump online and pre-order (also on MenuLog and EatNow) - or do what we did and order when you get there, crack open a can of creaming soda and reminisce about doing the same thing when you were a kid waiting for your pizza order.

Tom gives Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza 13.5/20 Chops on The Chopping Board.

Ambiance - 3/5: A clean pizza bar but nothing to write home about.
Service - 4.5/5: Friendly and informative.
Food: 6/10: The pizzas I could go without but the calzone I will eat again... and again.

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