Qantas Vegan Meals - Plane delicious!

Qantas Vegan Meals - Plane Delicious

Like most aviation geeks, I (Tom) wig out at the thought of flying and look forward to boarding the plane more than arriving at my destination. There are few things I have looked forward to more than boarding a Qantas A380 from Sydney to Hong Kong in the premium economy cabin. It was a day flight and I was looking forward to my extra leg room, larger TV screen, wider seat and amazing Qantas service. What I wasn't expecting was outstanding food.

Qantas Premium Economy - Vegan meal
Qantas Premium Economy - Vegan meal

We boarded the plane, accepted a glass of juice, plugged in the complimentary noise minimising headphones and started watching a movie. A few moments later my tray table was unfolded from my armrest and a small tablecloth laid on top and a tray filled with vegan treats was in front of me. It was lovely to be served my vegan meal at the same time as Mark was served his non-vegan meal - well played, Qantas.

Bear in mind, the food served on flights has more often than not been prepared hours prior and has been reheated - not the best conditions for food but the menu inspired by Australian restauranteur, Neil Perry definitely makes the grade. My pasta was cooked just right, the sauce was satisfyingly rich but not filled with garlic (much to the delight of Mark and the passengers around me). My rye roll was fresh and the cake from Rowie's Cakes was soft and as delicious as always. The serving sizes are just right for me and I was full enough not to need dessert (fresh fruit).

Qantas Premium Economy - Vegan snack
Qantas Premium Economy - Vegan snack

We were nearing the end of our flight and I caught a whiff of food again. It was time for a pre-landing light snack - stir-fried mushrooms with noodles hit the spot and got me ready to face immigration.

The mushrooms and spinach were still crisp enough to add texture and the noodles were cooked well and not at all soggy. The light Asian flavours didn't linger in my mouth like I thought they might - not that it'd matter because my amenities pack included a toothbrush and toothpaste!

On our way home, we were lucky enough to use our points to upgrade to business class. Unfortunately, I was so excited about my lay-flat bed, massage chair and abundant space, I forgot to take photos of my food. Rest assured, it's a step up from premium economy and well worth the points upgrade.

Next time you find yourself booking an international flight, don't look past Qantas (especially if you have a dietary requirement). The service, cabin features, seats and food are world class and from all reports, far better than low-cost competitors.


  1. Hi there,

    Looks like a lovely flight! We're flying from Chiang Mai to Sydney for Christmas. Out of curiosity, what was the vegan meal like in Business Class? :D

    1. Hey Jess, the meals at the pointy end we're good. I had gnocchi for dinner and granola w fruit for breakfast. There's also a handy snack bar if you're hungry mid-flight. Where are you planning a trip to?

  2. Hi, I've just had a terrible experience in Qantas domestic business class. I used my points to upgrade, and requested a vegan meal as usual, about a month before the flight. Onboard, they had no idea that I had requested vegan, and so the crew had to scrape together some food for me - my entree was a 'cucumber and ginger salad' which was literally a chopped up cucumber and some ginger, and my main meal was even worse - steamed green beans and peas. That's all there was on the plate! The crew did their best under the circumstances, but I have since lodged a complaint with qantas, and it's taken them three weeks to get back to me and all they have responded with is that: 'our policy says that you aren't guaranteed a special meal if you upgrade.' So I have written back and asked them whether they do special meals at all in business, and if not, whether in the future I could get an economy vegan meal served to me in business class.

    So I am heartened to see your post that they do indeed cater for vegans in business class! I usually have a great experience with qantas food, so I'm really disappointed with their customer service in this instance.


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