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Devour Cafe & Patisserie - 52 Davenport Terrace, Richmond 5033

Most of the guys on The Chopping Board are big fans of Devour Dessert Bar (see our review here) and when we heard about their new venture out in Richmond we had to give it a go. Being all very busy, we hadn't had a chance to visit earlier, so last weekend, I (Mirko) decided to go out for a visit.

Over the last few weeks I have been on a bit of a food hiatus so was itching to visit somewhere to have a delicious meal! Jess sent me an image of these amazing looking donuts from Devour which prompted me to get out of bed, get dressed and drive straight to Richmond....those Instragram pics definitely did their job!

Adelaide, Breakfast, Brunch, Devour , Richmond
Definitely needed this Latte!

Adelaide, Breakfast, Brunch, Devour , Richmond
House Baked Beans - $17
Having arrived around 11am, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a table without much trouble considering it was a Saturday mid-morning. The space is large (compared to Devour's Prospect Road location) and simply decorated. Breakfast and lunch options are available with a number of delicious looking cakes on sale - keeping in line with their dessert roots.

After looking at their menu - umming and ahhhing about what to eat because it all looked so damned good I opted for the house baked beans, poached egg, pancetta and toast. Read this on the menu I was imagining a basic beans on toast, so when I was presented with the above I was very pleasantly surprised. (Note: I opted for a side of mushrooms with this dish).

The meal was presented in a nice bowl and was very rustic and hearty in its presentation. The beans were cooked well, not too firm or soft with the right amount of give when eating. The poached egg had a nice runny yolk and the pancetta was thick cut adding to rustic feel of the dish. Whilst the pancetta was a little salty, the egg and beans cut through and balanced the dish.

And for the $17 price tag this was a decently sized meal. I could have easily shared this with a second person so it was definitely value for money.

Adelaide, Breakfast, Brunch, Devour , Richmond
Toffee Hazelnut and Maple Bacon donuts
Halfway through my brunch, Jess and Ryan arrived to try these deliciously looking donuts. We mentioned to the staff that we came specifically for the donuts (after looking at their Instagram feed) and were provided a complimentary maple bacon donut - thanks guys!

Whilst these looked amazing, I am loathe to say that they were not as good as I had hoped. The flavours of both were great. The toffee was not overly sweet and the hazelnut added a nice crunch, and the combination of salty and sweet for the maple bacon is a timeless. However, for me (and Jess) the downfall came from the donuts being dry and not as light and airy as we would have hoped.

Service: 3/5 - Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 7/10 - some points off for the donuts.

In total, Mirko gives Devour Cafe and Patisserie 13/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

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  1. if the staff were friendly and knowledgeable why would you only give 3/5?? surely that is all you can expect for the price point and location of this cafe..


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