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Antica Pizzeria - 144B King Williams Road, Hyde Park, SA 5000

After a much needed catch up with friends, I (Mirko) decided to visit Antica Pizzeria with friends Lynda, Linda and Hieu for a nice dinner catchup.

Antica Pizzeria has been open for some time now, but I just haven't had the chance to visit. When it was suggested that this is where our dinner catch up was to be held, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Upon arrival we were seated at our table and presented with menus. Given that we hadn't caught up for some time, it took us a while to look at the menu items and place an order but we finally decided on one pasta dish and two pizzas between the four of us.

Antica, Pizzeria, Pizza, Adelaide, Unley, Gnocchi
Homemade Gnocchi - $22

First on the menu was the Homemade Gnocchi with pesto and macadamia. The gnocchi was cooked well being soft and fluffy (thank god!) as opposed to a lot of gnocchi which can be quite stodgy. The pesto was also very flavoursome whilst not being overpowering. A great start to the meal.

Antica, Pizzeria, Pizza, Adelaide, Unley
Margherita - $18

First of the two pizzas was the Margherita. Now, for those who read our blog, we have done a few pizza reviews and we tend to order the Marg wherever we go as it acts as a very good baseline for the quality of their other pizzas. I have to say, I was very pleased with the Marg. Nice thin base with an abundance of sauce and large pieces of stringy fior di latte cheese - delicious!

Antica, Pizzeria, Pizza, Adelaide, Unley
Salsiccia - $24
Second of the pizzas was the Salsiccia - fior di latte cheese, pork fennel sausage, porchetta and caramelised onion. Very similar to the Marg, the pizza base was nice and thin but the toppings were a little uneven. Having said this, the toppings were nicely balanced with the saltiness of the sausage and porchetta balanced out by the slight sweetness of the caramelised onion.

What I really liked about both pizzas was the fact that the bases were thin without being soggy making them easy to eat with my hands.

After our mains, we decided to have some dessert - there is ALWAYS room for dessert! Not being able to decide, we opted for a few dessert dishes.

Antica, Pizzeria, Pizza, Adelaide, Unley, Tiramisu
Tiramisu  - $12
Firstly, the Tiramisu. When this came out I think we were all surprised at the size of this thing. It was one of the biggest Tiramisu that I have seen! Definitely large enough to feed the four of us. The Tiramisu had a nice coffee flavour but was not overpowering in either flavour or denseness. I usually don’t order Tiramisu when I am out but if I am back here again, I would (provided there were another 3 people with me!). 

Antica, Pizzeria, Pizza, Adelaide, Unley
Dessert Pizza

To finish off our dinner, we ordered a dessert pizza with berries (of which I have forgotten the price - sorry). This was delicious! Using the same pizza base dusted with icing sugar and tart berries provided a very well balanced dish….and just when I think it couldn't get better…..a nutella filled crust *drools*. 

In total, our meal (plus two wines, two beers and three lattes) totalled $160. A very decently priced meal which filled us up.

In total, Mirko gives Antica Pizzeria 16/20 chops on the chopping board.

Food: 8/10 - Very delicious meal, I will visit again
Service: 4/5 - Very friendly, knowledgeable staff
Ambiance: 4/5 - Warm, laid back feel
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