Primal Goodie Box - sweet as sweet treats.

Primal Goodie Box -

When I received an email asking if I wanted to try this month's Primal Goodie Box over the weekend, I didn't even ask the other three if they wanted in, I just replied "hell yes!".

On Friday morning, I received my Primal Goodie Box delivery. All products were kindly provided free of charge by Primal Goodie Box.

Primal Goodie Box
It's a thing when we're offered products or go out to dinner as a group that I always need to know if there's a suitable vegan option. When I asked Jessie from Primal Goodie Box, she was proud to say almost everything they do is vegan but she will prepare an extra special vegan goodie box for me.

At this point, I should say that all Primal Goodie Box products are free from refined sugars, gluten, dairy, wheat and guilt - perfect! The guys also use organic local produce as much as possible. In fact, the eggs, almonds, oil and citrus are all form the owner's family farm in Willunga.

The business model is simple: sign up to the mailing list and receive a fortnightly list of goodies on offer. If you like what you see, place an order so the team can get baking and deliver you goodie box (or you can pick it up).

When I opened my Primal Goodie Box, the first thing I saw was a big bag of vanilla & almond cookies with carob chunks and rich peanut butter and chocolate cookies. These were so good, my colleagues were all over them and we were enjoying them so much, I forgot to take a picture.

Man, they were good cookies.

Raw strawberry and vanilla cream cheesecake pot
So, cookies aside - here's my thoughts on the other goodies, starting with the Raw Strawberry and Vanilla Cream Cheesecake Pot. I totally get why it's in a pot because the cheesecake filing is so smooth and creamy, it would fall off the biscuit base. I know what you're thinking "vegans can't eat cheese!" but this is a cheese substitute made using nuts and water (I assume) and it's freaking delicious!

The hint of tart strawberries reminds me how fresh the ingredients are and the biscuit base gives a good contrasting texture. And it's so rich, you can easily share it without feeling like you're missing out.

Hazelnut and chocolate slice
This was a total surprise, I didn't know it was going to be in the box but I'm SO glad it was! Aside from the biscuits, this is my fave. It's rich, chocolatey and nutty with a dense base and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate topping. OMG.

raw & creamy mandarin & blood orange slice with a zesty vanilla biscuit base 
Don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike any of the goodies but this was my least favourite. The layers weren't as smooth as the other treats but the citrus flavour was perfect - not too strong but it had enough cut through to freshen my palate between chocolatey treats.

Raw multilayered choc caramel slice
This is one of those sweet treats you simply don't want to end. I've managed to save a tiny piece in the fridge but I bet it won't last the night. The base is dense and substantial but the chocolate topping is runny, rich and perfectly sweet. I could seriously eat this everyday for the rest of my life. Not even joking.

After making everyone in the office jealous (and using cookies to get them away from my desk), I'll definitely be timing our next office morning tea with the Primal Goodie Box delivery. In fact, I've signed up some of my colleagues so the pressure is off me to order it every time.

But don't think this is only for office treats; have a box delivered to your home for weekend snacks or treat for morning tea. The fact these goodies are free from all the bad stuff we keep hearing about makes them a delicious guilt free snack for any time of day.


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