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Candela Latin American - 120 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, Adelaide

Always on the lookout for somewhere to take a good friend for lunch near Goodwood Road, I (Nathan) had Candela on my list for a while before I got to try it. Their menu is focussed on Latin American street food, an exciting proposition!

We were greeted by friendly staff, who were quick to explain the simple menu to us. Along with this, we were given some loose recommendations given this was our first visit. We went with the recommended lunch option, which was the 'Areba'. This is described on the menu as a grilled corn pocket, crunchy outside, moist inside and stuffed with your choice of fillings. I chose to go with two different Areba's, one 'Pelua', one 'Pernil'.

Candela Latin American, Street Food, Adelaide
Areba Pelua - $7.50
The Pelua is shredded beef with a Latin American sofrito (capsicum, onion, garlic, spices & leek). The filling is really good, the beef still really moist and the sofrito a great accompaniment. The base Areba is as described, warm, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outer. With a little bit of extra chilli sauce (as supplied on the table) it made for a great contrast of flavours and textures.

Candela Latin American, Street Food, Adelaide
Areba Pernil - $7.50
The Pernil is slow cooked pulled pork with a gravy of capers, red wine, rosemary, oregano and orange juice. This was a different flavour profile, deeper and thicker than the Pelua. The pork is a little chewier, which helps in differentiating the two Areba's. The filling was definitely heavier, and almost more italian style with the rosemary and red wine. Still delicious and again, i added a little chilli sauce to spice it up.

We had a great lunch at Candela, with great food and service in a little restaurant thats unique to the area. The Areba's were very filling and at $7.50 each, they were also great value. Next time, I think I would stick to one Areba and something sweet like a Churros.

If you are ever in the vicinity, and want something thats a little different, head into Candela.

Nathan gives Candela Latin American 16.5/20 Chops on The Chopping Board.

Food: 8.5/10 - Great lunch option that's not the run of the mill sanga.
Service: 4/5 - Very helpful staff, with a great attitude and lots of suggestions.
Ambiance: 4/5 - Smallish location that feels homely and warm.

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  1. is it take away or sit down?

  2. Hi guys,
    To answer anonymous, you can eat in (small but nice) or take away. The Arepas (not arebas) are the star of the menu and I like all the fillings, though the Pernil is a favourite. They are wet so better eaten in. Each arepa is cooked to order and can take 10 minutes to make up, so this is #slowfood and good! #muyrico. Enjoy!


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