Jamie's Italian Adelaide - Channel your inner Kimye

Jamie's Italian Adelaide, 2 King William Street, Adelaide

Shortly after the official opening of Jamie's Italian in Adelaide, On The Chopping Board were kindly invited to a private lunch tasting. I (Camellia) was the only one who was able to make the time slot, which worked excellently in my favour.

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Antipasto Bar
Antipasto bar

I arrived a little late, my signature trademark. And upon entering was immediately struck by the grandeur of the location. The old bank building, with it's high ceilings and marble finishes were an excellent choice and gave a real old school classy Italian vibe. That being said, the ole J.Oliver mark was clear with many hints of English charm in the decor and of course the menu.

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Fresh Pasta
Making fresh pasta daily

I was guided to a lovely little section at the back of the restaurant and sat down to a full spread of dips, shaved meats, cheeses, arancini balls, dips, salad and baked mushroom, with wine to match. Highlights for me included the house mortadella (not something I usually eat), baked mushrooms and the smoked cod dip. After pigging out on this array of delicious bites I thought that we would wind down and that might be it! Oh how wrong I was...

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Aarancini
Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Shaved Meats
Shaved meats, olives, buffalo mozarella
Next, we were told that we could choose any main dish from the menu to sample for lunch, which came as a shock. A tasty tasty shock. I opted for the wild boar lasagne with creme fraiche and grilled radicchio. It was a tough choice as there was a porchetta dish on the menu and I am an avid eater of pork belly.

Luckily there was a nice break in between the nibbles (feast) and our main courses, so we toured the restaurant and marvelled at the cool toilet area. I'm not kidding, the toilets are really really cool. Because it's an old bank building the toilets are placed downstairs in the vault area which has still somewhat remained. The safes are on display and iron bar dividers are present to divide toilet/sink areas.

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Lasagne
Wild boar lasagne
After our lavatory exploration the main dishes were brought out. Everything so charming and rustic looking, with that extra you-couldn't-do-this-at-home touch. My dish had great flavour, my favourite element being the grilled radicchio on top. Unfortunately the pasta in the lasagne was quite overcooked, which can easily happen when making lasagne from fresh pasta. But the flavours were great, very rich and moreish.

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Dessert
Trifle, tiramisu, chocolate tart
Lastly, more food! A tasting platter of desserts was brought out along with coffee orders and last sips of wine. The desserts were visually amazing and tasted just as lovely as they looked. Usually with mid-range restaurants I find that dessert can be very hit and miss, and don't tend to bother. But in this case, I would definitely recommend saving room. English and Italian classics fill the dessert menu, each with a sweet little twist that brings them from boring old chocolate tart to exciting tasty chocolate orange tart with candied orange garnish! I found everything to have a good balance of sweetness to my tastes, and a generous size to boot.

Adelaide, Jamie's Italian, Menu
The menu

Overall, I really thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Jamie's Italian Adelaide. I honestly didn't expect to like it so much, and I'm going to be honest, the food wasn't mind blowingly amazing. But, it was really comforting and tasty and left me feeling happy. This isn't the kind of place you go to for a culinary extravaganza, it's about the overall experience. The surroundings, the bustle and grandeur, the cured meats hanging and the large generous and affordable menu. It's the perfect family/occasion restaurant and I would put it in my "comfortable" category of places to go. It's a bit special, but also relaxed. Definitely worth the wait.

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