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Maiz and Mezcal - 405 Magill Road, St Morris

A few weeks back, myself (Mirko) and Cam were lucky enough to be invited to a dinner at Maiz and Mezcal which showcased their new Revolution Menu. All meals were free of charge and provided by Maiz and Mezcal.

First item off the menu were the deep fried avocado. Now first of all, who would think that such awesomeness would exist?! does! These were amazing. Crunchy batter with smooth, creamy avocado inside teamed with a refreshing coriander and lime mayonnaise. I definitely recommend these as a starter if you decide to dine here.!

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Deep fried avocado - nom nom nom!
After Cam and I annihilated our avocado, we were provided the hand made corn Mexican baskets. These were a trio of dips (guacamole, chipotle mushrooms and fried beans) served with hand cut paprika chips.

The trio of dips were tasty, but the mushroom dip was definitely the winner of the three.

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Trio of dips (bean, mushroom and guac)
Entree #3 was the pulled pork and pork belly sliders. Both sliders were tasty with the pulled pork being soft and the pork belly having the right amount of crunch. The delicious fillings coupled with really soft slider buns made these another great entree.  I think that Cam and I saw a few 'spare' sliders on our table so scoffed these down pretty quick...can't let food go to waste!

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Pulled pork and pork belly sliders
After the entrees, we took a break with some cocktails and then moved onto the mains. We had an option of four different mains (fish, chicken, beef and pork) so we opted for the chicken and beef.

The beef option was the sandal steak. Steak coupled with avocado cream, haloumi cheese, salad and a corn soup chaser. The steak was well balanced with the creamy avocado and haloumi. The corn soup chaser was a nice accompaniment to what was a balanced dish.

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Sandal steak
Next on the menu was the Mole. A chicken dish (on the bone) served with rice, a spicy but sweet Mexican chocolate sauce served with soft tortillas. Whilst the concept was fun (where a diner could make their own tortillas), this dish was not to my liking, the chicken fell off the bone and the rice was tasty however I feel that the Mole lacked a little depth and overall this dish was the least favourite (for me) on the night.
Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
We were feeling quite full at this point, however everyone has that second 'dessert' stomach which we used to full effect.

First out was a vanilla ice-cream, served in a sugar and cinnamon covered sweet tortilla with a mezcal and tamarind sauce. This is a simple and fun dessert item with a number of different textures and tastes to please the palette. Sweet ice-cream coupled with a slightly tart topping and a crunchy tortilla made it a great dessert.

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Vanilla icecream with mezcal and tamarind syrup
And finally, the coconut flan with goat's milk caramel. Now listening to discussions around the table, this did polarise....some liked the flavours whilst others did not find the goat's milk caramel to their liking. Myself and Cam enjoyed this dessert item. The coconut is present in this dish and the caramel takes a little getting used to.

Magill, Maiz and Mescal, Mexican, Adelaide, Food
Coconut flan with Cajeta (Goat's milk caramel)

Overall, we were very pleased with the Revolution Menu at Maiz and Mezcal and I have already mentioned to a number of friends that this is a place that they should visit if they are in the mood for Mexican....even if its just for those deep fried avo's!

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