Maid Mice Cafe and Lounge - Definitely worth a try

Maid Mice Cafe and Lounge - 50 Unley Road, Unley SA, 5061

Located on Unley Road, Maid Mice is the newest eatery to open its doors over the last few months. With a large dining area and casual laid back feel, this cafe and lounge provides punters with modern takes on Vietnamese cuisine.

Upon entering, we were seated and offered drinks to start. Given that they had opened only a few weeks prior to our visit, our waitress for the night let us know that they were training staff and to bear that in mind when being served - I found this to be very forthright and was good to know.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Maid Mice menu 
With four of us dining, we decided that we would share a number of dishes amongst ourselves so we could try a few different items. 
Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Bo Go burger - Nem patty, tomato relish and Asian Slaw ($15)
The Bo Go burger has a Vietnamese 'nem' patty, tomato relish, Asian slaw, and fries. From my limited knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, Nem is a method in which the patty is prepared (please let me know if you have more insights into this). You can see from the picture that the patty is quite thick and dense in its texture. At first glance, we (as a group) questioned the size of the burger and its ability to feed us, but when you see how dense the patty is you soon realise it is going to be quite filling. The flavours of this dish were nice and when coupled with the relish and the crunch and freshness of the Asian slaw, it makes for a nice dish. The fries were nicely seasoned and crunchy.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
What the Heo ($16)
Next on the menu was the 'What the Heo (pork)'. Pork belly side ribs, hard boiled egg in a fragrant broth. Being with Vietnamese friends, they noted that this dish is a take on the traditional Thit Ko. To the trained palette (of my friends) and also my untrained palette, the pork belly was tender and melted in your mouth and the flavours were nice and resembled the traditional dishes that they enjoy at home.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Salmon carpaccio
The salmon carpaccio had a nice flavour with the slight tang of the wasabi mayonnaise, however I would have preferred that the salmon was sliced thinner than it actually was.  This is my personal preference however.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Crispy chicks - fried chicken wings
The chicken wings had a nice seasoned coating and were not overly oily. The meat fell off the bone and coupled with the dipping sauce made a great snack! These alone would be great with some beers.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Boon - Potato noodles with vegetables and Nuoc Cham ($12.50)
For the vegetarian at the table, we ordered the vegetarian Boon. Overall, the flavours of this dish were nice with textural elements from the chewiness of the potato noodles (something different from the vermicelli that one usually gets with this dish), the crunch of the vegetables and spring rolls.

One of the great things to note at Maid Mice is that one of the Chef's is vegetarian and as a result, a number of the dishes can be modified to cater for a vegetarian diet - all you need to do is ask and they will happily oblige where possible.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Green Tea fried ice cream ($5) but normally ($8)
After all our mains, it was time for dessert. On special for $5 was the Green Tea fried ice cream. I am a fan of green tea so was awaiting this dish, however was disappointed. The chocolate had already dried on the fried ice cream, the batter was too thick and there was very little green tea ice cream in the dish. Having said this, the waitress did mention that this item was on special given the small size of the ice cream balls that were prepared. As a result, I think that they overcompensated with a thicker batter which impacted the overall dish.

I hope that this was just a teething problem given at the time of the visit Maid Mice had only been open a few weeks so this is all a learning curve. I would also recommend that the chocolate be poured at the table or provided to the diner separately.

Maid Mice, Adelaide, Food, Vietnamese, Unley
Pandan Cake
My disappointment from the first dessert was quickly washed away with the Pandan cake that arrived shortly after. This cake was moist with nice Pandan flavour. All at the table agreed that this was a nice way to end the meal.

For a venue that had only been open for a few weeks at the time of our visit, overall, we had a great experience. The owners were very open and proactively sought feedback at the conclusion of our meal. I believe that with some slight tweaks, teething problems will be resolved making for a great casual venue.

Ambiance: 3.5/5 - Nice large location with a casual feel - nice music!
Service: 4/5 - Attentive with staff knowing the dishes
Food: 7/10 - Nice flavours however I was disappointed with my dessert

Overall, OTCB gives Maid Mice 14.5/20 chops on the chopping board.

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