Thea Tea Shop – Who Needs Meat?!

Thea Tea Shop Vegetarian Café – 110-112 Gawler Place Adelaide

I (Amanda) have to admit that I am quite the regular at Thea and when I realised OTCB had not written a review as yet, I jumped at the chance to return for lunch with a friend.   Thea is a vegetarian café that has many vegan options also.

Arriving at peak lunch time the first floor was full, so I was escorted to a table downstairs.  The cafe is decorated in a minimalist manner, with wooden chairs and tables topped with glass widely spaced throughout.  The menus are A4 sheets of paper folded and kept in a plastic holder on each table with a pencil.  The idea is to select what you wish to eat and drink by ticking or colouring in the box/circle next to the menu item (just like gambling at the TAB!).   I select the Spicy Cold Noodles and my friend decides on Thea’s Cold Noodles and a cold Peach Green Tea ($3.90).  I walk our menu order sheet to the register to place our order and pay.

Adelaide, Food, Thea, Vegetarian, Cold Noodles, CBD
Spicy cold noodles - $9.80
Within 10 minutes of ordering, our lunch and drink arrives.  The fast arrival of food is well received especially for city workers like myself that are required to return to work within the hour.  We are provided with chopsticks, a fork and a spoon and the sauce for our noodles is supplied in a separate bowl to our cold noodle dish.  The noodle dish contains thin noodles, sliced cucumber and carrot, bean curd and garnished with black sesame seeds.  I pour over the spicy and sour peanut sauce and mix everything around.  The dish is so well-balanced with the healthy crunch from the cucumber and carrot, tasty chewy bean curd, soft satisfying noodles and ample hot spice from the peanut sauce.

Adelaide, Food, Thea, Vegetarian, Cold Noodles, CBD
Spicy cold noodles (front), Thea's cold noodles (back) - both $9.80
My friend’s dish is similar to mine comprising of the cold noodles, cucumber and bean curd but also including broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms and a peanut sauce (not spicy) on the side.  She thoroughly enjoyed her cold noodles finding it a healthy and substantial sized lunch.

I would definitely recommend the cold noodles at Thea’s for a quick and delicious lunch next time you are in the city, even if you’re not vegetarian.  I promise you won’t miss the meat!

In total OTCB gives Thea Tea Shop 16/20 chops on The Chopping Board

Ambiance: 4/5 casual and pleasant
Service: 3/5 fast but required to order and pay at the register
Food: 9/10 healthy, fresh and flavoursome

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