Fancy Ices - is it?

Fancy Ices - 31 Field Street, Adelaide SA 5000

After I (Amanda) heard that Adelaide finally had their first liquid nitrogen ice creamery I couldn't wait to give it a go. Having been to N2 Extreme Gelato in Melbourne my mouth was watering in anticipation.  Fancy Ices is located just off Gouger Street on Field Street in a newly developed block of shops. The shop is modern and minimalistic with some outdoor tables and chairs and an indoor communal wall-facing bench with stools. 

Getting the Liquid Nitrogen ready
Watching the ice cream specialists make your liquid nitrogen ice cream is definitely half the fun and is a point of difference from other typical ice cream/gelato establishments currently located in Adelaide. It takes me back to playing with chemicals in science class at school!

Myself and Mirko decide to order 2 out of the 4 available flavours to share (note, that Fancy Ices aim to change their flavours on a periodic basis). We select the always reliable 'Fancy Ferrero' and something a little different in 'Sweet Corn'.

Making our ice cream for us!
At the time of our visit, we are informed that they have only been open for 5 days and this is evident while we wait for our order.  Our ice creams are made one at a time and there doesn't seem to be any urgency in the preparation even though the line behind us is starting to grow.

Fancy Ferrero (left), Sweet Corn (right) $7 each
My curiosity lead me to try the Sweet Corn first. On closer inspection I realise the ice cream is topped with creamed corn which to me looks like it is straight out of the can. I begin to feel hesitant. I swallow a big spoon of ice cream, creamed corn and the crunchy nut cornflakes and immediately realise this flavour is not for me.  Not only is the consistency of the ice cream not as smooth as I was expecting but the flavour was just too much corn for me!  Haha well I did order sweet corn so this shouldn't really come as a surprise but I was hoping the vanilla would shine through a little more to lift the flavour to something sweeter and more palatable.

When asking Mirko on his thoughts, he said, "initially, the flavour was too much corn for me, but with every bite, the flavour does grow on you. I would have liked the corn puree to be swirled through the ice cream or have corn kernels atop the dish to add bursts of flavour. The crunchy nut added to some much needed texture to this dessert. Props to them for thinking of some different flavours!"

I then excitedly dig into the Fancy Ferrero hoping to have an N2 reminiscent moment. Unfortunately for me it doesn't deliver. The flavour is spot on and quite delicious but again the texture is not how I remember a liquid nitrogen creation to be. It was lacking the silky creamy texture I was longing for.

Our two ice creams were very different in texture with the Sweet Corn which was made after the Fancy Ferrero melting quicker. I think that these are teething problems which I hope can be ironed out soon ensuring a consistency in all ice cream delivered. The flavours will split people with traditionalists sticking with safer options whilst others go for items out of the norm.

Overall Fancy Ices is a cool place to try for a unique ice cream experience.  We look forward to the future fancy flavour creations!

Ambiance: 2.5/5 - Lacked a fun and buzzing feel this type of establishment should embellish
Service: 2.5/5 - Slow and not particularly engaging
Food: 6.5/10 - The texture of the ice cream was not as creamy and silky as I would have liked

In total OTCB gives Fancy Ices 11.5/20 chops on the Chopping Board

Ambiance: 4/5 - Funky & colourful decor, easy going and fun
Service: 4/5 - Friendly and casual table service
Food: 9/10 - Finger licking good!
In total OTCB gives Chuck Wagon 17/20 chops on The Chopping Board
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Ambiance: 4/5 - Funky & colourful decor, easy going and fun
Service: 4/5 - Friendly and casual table service
Food: 9/10 - Finger licking good!
In total OTCB gives Chuck Wagon 17/20 chops on The Chopping Board
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