Movenpick Ice Cream Launch

Movenpick Ice Cream - 6 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000

OTCB was invited to the Movenpick Ice Creamery opening. All items were provided free of charge on behalf of Movenpick.

When we (Mirko and Amanda) heard that we got an invite to the Movenpick Ice Cream opening we jumped at the chance to represent OTCB at this event given our love of all things dessert!

Movenpick Ice Cream is a Swiss brand with franchises all over the world, with this being the first in Adelaide. After being seated we were presented with our tasting plate. A selection of ice creams, sorbets and a macaron ice cream sandwich for tasting.

Ice cream tasting plate
An interesting fact about the ice cream was that all ice cream is made in Switzerland to a tried and tested method and then shipped all over the world. This approach to ice cream making was so that anywhere in the world, the taste and quality of the ice cream is the same. We aren't going to lie, we were sceptical about this however after tasting the ice cream those thoughts washed away.

Both Amanda and I really enjoyed our ice creams as they were creamy and smooth. On this occasion we had the mango, hazelnut and chocolate flavours. In all instances, the ice creams were smooth and flavoursome with real mango, hazelnut and chocolate pieces through them adding to the overall quality of the ice cream. The ice-cream macaron had a pistachio ice cream inside which both Amanda and I really disliked. We could not taste the pistachio, rather thinking that this was more medicine like.

After our tasting menus, we were invited to try other items off the menu. Perusing this we both landed on the chocolate fondant.  Amanda prides herself on her chocolate fondant baking skills, so she was extremely excited about trying Movenpick's Swiss chocolate version of this dessert.  When you think of fondant, you think of a soft chocolaty cake with an oozing lava centre....and we did not get this at all. Our fondant did not have any of the ooze needed and the cake itself was very dry - a big disappointment which I hope gets resolved.

Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Fondant inside
Not letting this discourage us, we also went for the waffles with ice-cream. This dessert redeemed itself as the waffles were soft and moist with crunch from the nuts coupled with two scoops of ice cream.  We selected the hazelnut and also a maple walnut ice cream which were both delicious.

To finish off, we went for 2 sorbets, the lemon and lime and raspberry. The lemon and lime was not overly strong whilst the raspberry had a nice sweet flavour.

Lemon and Lime + Raspberry Sorbet
The heroes of the night were definitely the ice creams and sorbets which in my opinion, are what Movenpick are known for. It's definitely great for Adelaide to have another dessert spot in the Adelaide CBD for diners to try out.

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  1. I've been meaning to try this spot for a while because the setup is so nice! Typical of franchises. It's a shame the other desserts weren't as good as the icecream, also quite typical of franchises :D


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