Quick Chop! Bom Dia Bowls Acai Bar

Bom Dia Bowls Acai Bar, 2B Moseley Street, Glenelg

Looking for something different for breakfast one day, I (Mirko) decided to drive down to Glenelg one weekend to give Bom Dia Bowls Acai Bar a go. Bom Dia (loosely translated to Good Morning in Portuguese) is a fitting name for this venue given the healthy focus it has.

The venue space itself is quite small with a seating area for approximately ten people. This to me, indicates that it's more of a takeaway venue however if you want, you can eat in (like I did). On any other day, I would have taken mine away to the beach but at 40 degrees I couldn't do it!

As the name suggests, the hero of the menu here is Acai. Acai is a super berry native to Central South America and is claimed to have numerous health benefits. I was first acquainted with Acai on a recent trip to Brazil and enjoyed it so much so that where possible, I will give it a go.

Looking at the menu there are 3 different types of 'bowls' that one can order ranging between $9-$15 in price depending on the bowl selected and the size (small or regular). In addition to the bowls, a selection of smoothies, flavoured iced mineral waters and cold drip espresso is also available. Additional toppings can be added to your bowls for a fee.

Today, I opted for the #1 bowl being the Bom Dia Bowl - Acai served with banana, berries, strawberry, granola and honey and a cold drip coffee (my first time).

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Bom Dia Bowl - Regular: $12
The bowl had all the right elements for me. Smooth Acai, crunch from the granola, sweetness from the assorted fruits and honey. The size was also right for me (as I think that the small would be too small - personal preference). I did notice that the lustre and colour of the Acai I had here was a little different to that which I had in Brazil however I can't say what the reason for this was.

Food, Foodporn, Adelaide, SA Food, Glenelg, Breakfast, Healthy, Acai, Cold Drip Coffee, Coffee, Organic, Fruit, Bom Dia Bowls
Organic Ethiopian Cold Drip Coffee - $4
After my bowl I decided to order a cold drip coffee. Nathan - OTCB's coffee snob raves about cold drip coffee, so when I saw it on the menu I had to give it a go. Without going into the specifics of the process itself (read the wikipedia article here) the coffee takes on a sweeter flavour, as the brewing process produces less acidity.

Whilst the coffee may be a little strong, none of the typical bitterness was found, rather being replaced with a slight sweetness. This was my first, but won't be my last cold drip coffee - I am officially a convert. On this occasion, an Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean was used. Speaking to Nathan about the origin of the beans used, the region produces a sweeter tasting, aromatic coffee bean which I was able to distinguish.

My bowl and coffee were delicious, however, I have to say that the service on this occasion was not great. Whilst I acknowledge that there were 4-6 people ahead of me at the time of my visit, I waited over 30 minutes for my bowl. Only one person was preparing the bowls, however with such a simple dish I don't understand why it took so long to put together. One would have thought that the ingredients were all available and just needed to be put together (maybe I am wrong).

Having said this, I would go back again. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the normal muesli or yoghurt, give Bom Dia Bowls a go!

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