Burger Foundry - New Torrensville Store

Burger Foundry - 172 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031

OTCB was kindly invited to Burger Foundry at Torrensville. All items were provided free of charge on behalf of Burger Foundry. Burger Foundry started as a small, mainly takeaway shop on Magill Road a few years ago and since then it has moved into a new larger space on the same road and recently, has added a second store on Henley Beach Road. 

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville
As we walk into the Torrensville store that opened in January 2015 we are impressed with the design. The interior has a casual feel with a combination of individual dining tables as well as larger communal seating.

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville, beer
Foundry Beer
We start with some drinks while we wait for our burgers and sides. Mirko can't go past the Foundry Brew Beer (exclusive to the Torrensville store) which has a light flavour and does not overpower the palette.

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville, milkshake, peanut butter
Peanut Butter Crunch Milkshake
Amanda selects the Peanut Butter Crunch Milkshake. Milkshakes aren't normally something she gravitates to but on this occasion she is glad she did! Delicious! A creamy peanut butter flavour with a splash of chocolate was enjoyable and not too sickly sweet. A perfect way to line her stomach for burgers! Mirko had a bit of a taste of this and couldn't agree more. Definitely onto a winner here!

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville, burgers, onion rings, tater tots, sliders
Burgers (front) Onion Rings & Tater Tots (back)
In order for us to try a few different types of burgers we are presented with 4 mini slider sized burgers. We decide to start with the Mighty Mushroom which is described as a field mushroom burger patty made with SA mushrooms, thyme, onions topped with thick tomato slices, sweet beetroot, aioli and rocket. This was both Amanda and Mirko's least favourite of the night as they thought it quite bland with an odd furry type texture.

We then try the Rocky Mountain High which is described as a 100% Aussie Black Angus grilled meat patty with sweet caramelised onions, thick tomato slices, crispy smoked bacon, matured Cheddar cheese, aioli and rocket. This was an enjoyable burger with all the standard trimmings, how could you go wrong! The meat patty was cooked well, great crunch from the bacon and the perfect amount of well made aioli.

The next to try is the Swiss' Smith which is described as a 100% Aussie Black Angus grilled meat patty with sweet caramelised onions, juicy mushrooms, thick tomato slices, Swiss cheese, aioli and rocket.  This was Amanda's favourite.  The mushrooms have redeemed themselves!  So juicy and delicious with tasty Swiss cheese melted perfectly in a nice fresh bun and well cooked meat patty.  I would definitely return to have a whole one of these to myself.  Mirko thought the same and was annoyed that he didn't try this one first.

Our final burger for the night is the Jamaican Jerk which is described as a Caribbean seasonsed, Foundry grilled chicken thigh fillet with thick tomato slices, sweet tropical mango salsa, aioli and iceberg lettuce.  It was nice to change up the meat patty for a chicken fillet which was seasoned in a way that teleported you to a beach in the Caribbean.  The addition of the sweet tropical mango salsa gave the burger an overall fresh flavour which made it very easy to eat.  Amanda would have loved a little kick of chilli in there but the burger was still enjoyable without.

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville, chips
Hand Cut Chips
To accompany the burgers we try the Hand Cut Chips which are made with 100% Australian potatoes with Foundry ground sea salt and spices. The chips on this occasion are cooked well with a nice outer crunch and soft centre. They are well seasoned and the spices and type of cut add that nice homely chip feel.

burger foundry, adelaide, food, burgers, torrensville, onion rings, tater tots, mozzarella, bacon, potato
Bacon & Mozzarella Tater Tots & Onion Rings
Mirko then indulges in some onion rings and we both try the bacon and mozzarella tater tots. Whilst Mirko is a fan of onion rings, he thought them to be too big and lacking in overall flavour. We both thought the tater tots were cooked well and were tasty but we would have loved more mozzarella oozing and stretching out the potato balls.

Overall, we enjoyed our evening at Burger Foundry Torrensville feasting on burgers and other treats.  It is a great burger place to enjoy food that is not greasy and sickly like some can be but rather fresh and wholesome with that charming homemade feel. The Torrensville and St Morris stores have similar menus but both do have items the other does not. We look forward to returning and trying some exclusive store menu items next time... the deep fried oreos at St Morris are calling my name!

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