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Caffe Paparazzi - 291 Unley Road Malvern SA 5061

OTCB were kindly invited to Caffe Paparazzi.  All food and beverages were provided free of charge on behalf of Caffe Paparazzi.

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In March 2015, Caffe Paparazzi launched a new clean eating menu as an extension to their current Italian cafe menu.  The clean eating menu was designed by Dr Andrea Robertson (Osteopath and owner of Xtend Barre) and does not include any preservatives, gluten, processed sugar or cow's dairy.  Some menu items use goats dairy and natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup and dried fruit.

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I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Chicken $27.00
Myself and my guest for the evening decide to share two main courses so we are able to taste a couple of dishes from the delicious sounding menu.  I begin with the 'I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken' which consisted of chicken, tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, almonds, goats yoghurt, spices and coriander served on a bed of  brown rice and topped with bok choy.  Honestly I can believe it's not butter chicken as it is not the rich creamy consistency that you would find in an Indian restaurant but this does not diminish the dish whatsoever.  It is delicious!  The generous serve of melt in your mouth chicken has fallen apart beautifully from its time in the slow cooker producing a flavoursome juicy protein.  The brown rice is cooked perfectly and the steamed greens and fresh coriander on top provides a nice fresh break from the heaviness of the chicken and rice.  I would definitely order this dish again.  A perfect winter warmer!
OTCB was kindly invited to Burger Foundry at Torrensville. All items were provided free of charge on behalf of Burger Foundry. - See more at:

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No Bun Burger, Fabulous Salads & Sunflower Seed Dressing $22.00
I somehow pull myself away from the chicken to begin on the 'No Bun Burger and Fabulous Salads with Sunflower Seed Dressing' which consisted of a grass fed beef burger patty, onion, parsley, lettuce, tomato, goats cheese, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, tamari, herbs, carrot, zucchini, almonds, and coriander.  The carrot and zucchini salad, quinoa salad as well as the garden salad were refreshing, full of flavour and well dressed.  The beef patty had great flavour but for me it was overcooked as I prefer a pink centre.  The sunflower seed dressing and melted goats cheese atop of the patty were creamy and a great accompaniment.  A great way to have a burger without the greasy guilt!

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Banoffee Parfait $7.50
To cleanse our palatte for the upcoming dessert tasting plate we are presented with a 'Banoffee Parfait' which is made from banana, cashews, dates, arrowroot, vanilla and topped with bananas and walnuts.  I'm not a huge fan of banana but I loved this dessert.  The parfait was smooth and creamy with a delectable banana nutty flavour, while the walnuts on top added a delightful crunch.

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Dessert Tasting Plate
We are then presented with the dessert tasting plate.  This consisted of bite sized pieces of the following:
  • Andrea’s Best Bliss Balls made with nuts, sulphate free dried fruit, raw cacao, rice malt syrup, tahini and cacao nibs.
  • Paleo Florentine Spiders made with nuts, seeds, sulphate free dried fruit, coconut oil, raw cacao and maple syrup.
  • Triple Choc Swirl Cashew Cheesecake made with macadamias, dates, raw cacao, cashews, raw honey, coconut cream and coconut oil and served with fresh berries.
  • Lime and Kiwi Cashew Cheesecake made with almonds, macadamias, coconut, sulphate free dried fruit, coconut oil, cashews, kiwi, spinach, lime, coconut cream and arrowroot.
  • Berry Delicious Cashew Cheesecake made with almonds, macadamias, coconut, sulphate free dried fruit, coconut oil, cashews, organic blueberries, lemon, coconut cream and arrowroot.
I loved everything on this plate!  How can you not enjoy delicious, sweet desserts that are 100% clean and free from preservatives, gluten, processed sugar and cow's milk.

Caffe Paparazzi is a great place to bring a variety of appetites as the traditionalists can have their standard italian fare in pasta and pizza and the health conscious or those with food allergies are able to select something equally delicious from the clean eating menu.  It's a one stop shop!  I will definitely be returning as I need to devour a bowl of that spaghetti bolognese with zucchini pasta next time! But first, a morning visit to check out the clean eating breakfast menu.  What a nutritious way to start the day!

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