The Curious Squire New Menu Launch

The Curious Squire - 10 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide SA 5000

OTCB was recently invited to attend the new menu launch at The Curious Squire.  All food and beverages were provided free of charge on behalf of The Curious Squire. Tonight we (Mirko and Amanda) are joined by many other food lovers including McFuzzlebutt's Manchen, Adelaide Food Central, Willunga Wino, Dbites, Foodie Ling, Rip It Up, amongst others. The Head Chef Drew Akin introduced himself and explained the new menu's direction down an authentic Southern American path. “The updated menu features more authenticity and originality, with the addition of traditional Southern American dishes such as Meatloaf, Chicken and Waffles and of course the Mac and Cheese Sundae,” says Drew.

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, fried green tomatoes, dinner, lunch
Fried Green Tomatoes
The first dish we are presented with to share is the 'Fried Green Tomatoes'. This was a fun starter!  The tomatoes were encased in a crunchy buttermilk crumb and were great to dip into the refreshing sauces. Not sure it is a dish I would order again but it was fun for something different.

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, fries, sweet potato, dinner, lunch
Sweet Potato Fries
Following this, we were presented with 'Sweet Potato Fries' to share. I find that most times sweet potato anything can be a bit mushy and lacking flavour but these were delicious. Great firmness held the fries together wonderfully but still with a lovely soft centre.

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, pork, quesadilla, dinner, lunch
Pork Quesadilla
We each received a serve of the 'Pork Quesadilla' to enjoy.  So glad I didn't have to share this one!  The 18 hour slow cooked pulled pork inside this Quesadilla was so tender and delicious. The  jalapeƱos provided a nice spicy kick and the 5 different cheeses inside melted exquisitely! The flat bread was fresh and easy to bite through and the sour cream helped tone down the spicy jalapenos.  Definitely a dish we would order again.

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, chicken and waffles, pickles, bacon, maple syrup, dinner, lunch
Chicken and Waffles
'Chicken and Waffles' was definitely a dish we were both excited to try. We were provided a sample size of this dish to ensure we could still fit in a couple more courses. But oh my! This exceeded my expectations. The chicken was juicy and tender with a great crumb, the waffle was ever so soft, the pickles added a wonderful acidity that somehow worked well with the sweetness of the good quality maple syrup finished with some streaky bacon. We both agreed the bacon could have been a little more crisp but overall this is a dish I would return to The Curious Squire for and enjoy the full serve all to myself!

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, kingfish, salsa, dinner, lunch
The last dish before dessert served to us was the 'Cajun Style Blackened Kingfish'. This was a lovely fresh and light dish. The fish was cooked well with a great outer crust jam-packed full of spices. The corn and tomato salsa accompaniment worked deliciously well with the full Cajun flavours from the fish. Mirko also noted that whilst he is not a huge fan of fish, he thoroughly enjoyed the dish as it did not have any 'fishy' elements.

curious squire, adelaide, food, north adelaide, smore, marshmallow, nutella, dinner, lunch, dessert, sweets
Now for my favourite dish of the night.. the 'S'more'.  Surprisingly this is my first time indulging in this traditional campfire treat popular in Northern America. The Curious Squire used a McVitie's Original Digestive biscuit to sandwich together nutella and roasted marshmallows. The sweet interior is balanced well with the wholemeal more savoury type biscuit. Lets just say I had melting marshmallow and nutella all over my face and fingers! What a finger licking delight! I would also like to give a shout out to Rip It Up for leaving the event early, as I was then able to devour their s'more too!!  Whoops!  But it was so good I definitely couldn't let it go to waste!

OTCB enjoyed all the dishes from the new menu we were presented with on this night. I (Amanda) look forward to bringing my friends back in the near future and trying even more from the new menu... and maybe one more s'more!

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