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Hentley Farm - Gerald Roberts Road, Seppeltsfield, SA 5355

OTCB were kindly invited to a degustation dinner at Hentley Farm with Karl, Lisa & Richard from the Today Show on behalf of Channel 9. All food and beverages were provided free of charge on behalf of Hentley Farm. When we received this invite OTCB could not believe our eyes! Dinner with the Today Show at Hentley Farm?! We don't think it gets much better than this. And it certainly does not! What a privilege and honour to be invited to this event, that is now one of the most memorable nights of our lives. 

hentley farm, barossa valley, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, today show, channel 9
Mirko, Richard, Lisa, Lachlan, Karl & Amanda (Photo Credit: Channel 9)
To set the scene, Hentley Farm was kind enough to open their doors for us (and 11 other guests) on a Monday night, which is traditionally a night that they are closed and served us an amazing degustation and wine pairing experience.  To preface this review, whilst there was wine paired with each of the dishes, we are not wine aficionados and therefore we cannot comment in detail on the wine we had - apart from saying that every wine was amazing and it comes as no surprise that Hentley Farm was awarded Winery of the Year 2015.

To start off the night, we were presented with four different starters. Little bite size morsels of deliciousness.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, tuna
Potato, tuna, peppers and coriander 
The tuna was well seasoned, thinly sliced and melted in your mouth. The thin potato crisp added a nice crunch, texture and saltiness to this dish. A great way to start off this food journey.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, quail egg, lamb
Quail Egg (back), Lamb (front)
The quail egg was soft and creamy, with a strong lemon flavour. The curry spice definitely shone through. If we were to close our eyes and someone fed us this dish we would have thought that we were eating an Indian curry. Such a delicious way to start the evening. Third on the menu was the rye, lamb, rocket and butter. The rare lamb was so soft and melted in your mouth.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, oysters
Passionfruit oysters with aroma of rosemary - what is underneath all that smoke?
hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, oysters, passionfruit, rosemary, starter, dinner
The final starter was theatrically presented with the smoke and the rosemary fragrance bubbling out of the cauldron like a witches brew. Inside, the oysters were dowsed in a passionfruit dressing which reminded us of Passiona (you know that passionfruit flavoured soft-drink of the 90's). This was an AMAZING dish and one of our favourites (and the table) that night with lots of 'oohs and aahs' coming from everyone. A flavour combination that I have never heard of before but it definitely worked.

All entrees were paired with a lovely easy drinking 2014 Skin Contact Riesling.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, snapper, dinner
Snapper, mettwurst, verjuice, oxalis and wild rice
The snapper with mettwurst, verjuice, oxalis and wild rice was the first of our main dishes. This dish was well balanced with the light flavours of the snapper coupled with the saltiness of the mettwurst. Whilst I (Mirko) initially thought that the combination wouldn't work, it surprisingly did. The wild rice also added a nice texture and filling component to what was a delicious dish. The 2014 Skinbone Grenache Rose was paired with this dish.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, dinner, tuna, chicken liver
Tuna, chicken liver, egg yolk, sunflower and iceberg
Chicken liver can be an acquired taste, sometimes too strong for some people. Whilst I don't mind chicken liver, I typically like it in small doses. The creamy chicken liver was delicate and paired well with the delicate flavours of the tuna. The tuna itself was lightly seared and just melted in your mouth. The delicate flavours of the tuna and liver were also counteracted by the salty notes in the topping of the lettuce (apologies, but I have no idea what it was!). There was also a great freshness and crunch from the iceberg lettuce.  Amanda is not really a lover of anything in the form of liver but this dish was her favourite of the night. The chicken liver puree was so smooth and subtle in flavour and complimented the generous serve of exquisite tuna in mind blowing ways! This dish was paired with a 2014 Shiraz.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, dinner, pork, rice
Pork, sushi rice, mustard and basil
The pork with sushi rice was covered in a sweet and sticky sauce strongly reminding me of Asian flavours. So simple in its design but definitely another crowd pleaser. I was definitely happy having this dish on the cold winters night.  A simple dish executed so deliciously well. Paired with a 2012 The Beast Shiraz.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, dinner, dessert, sweets,
'Egg' yoghurt, passionfruit and poppy seed
When the first of our dessert items came out we were told that we needed to 'get in there' with our spoon to ensure that we enjoyed all the layers and flavours in this dish all at once. Your palette recognises the tart passionfruit curd at the bottom of the egg, then the sweet yoghurt and finally the slight crunch of the poppy seed and brown sugar.  Wow!  Such a creatively presented dish that we really wanted to lick the egg shell clean!  Paired with a 2014 Premiere Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chocolate, pine, lilly pilly and olive oil
I have heard of desserts using olive oil previously but have not had the chance to try such a dessert before and was very much looking forward to it. The use of good quality chocolate meant that texturally, it was smooth and creamy with the lilly pilly adding nice chew (it reminded me a little like cranberries). The olive oil added another layer of luxury to what was already a decadent dish. Paired with a 2012 Clos Otto Shiraz.

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, dinner, dessert, sweets, marshmallows, ice cream,
Marshmallows, assorted popsicles and kitchener buns
The assortment of sweets were such a fun way to end this special night. The presentation of the marshmallows and popsicles in the logs were perfectly suited to the Barossa Valley location. The wine marshmallows were sticky, sweet and smokey. Amanda enjoyed the dark chocolate outer crunch and creamy vanilla ice-cream inner of the mini popsicle but the standout were the mini Kitchener buns!

hentley farm, barossa, degustation, adelaide, fine dining, dinner, dessert, sweets, kitchener buns
Mini Kitchener Buns
I have never seen a Kitchener bun so tiny! I could have easily eaten 10 of these! I was impressed at how well they were baked as I could only imagine how easy it would be to over cook them.

Overall, we would have to say that this has been one of the best food experiences we have had in Adelaide....ever! The service, ambiance and the food were all on point and we have recommended our friends give this culinary experience a go.

We definitely recommend adding Hentley Farm to your special occasion dining list and hope your experience is just as memorable as ours even though Karl, Lisa & Richard aren't sitting at your table!

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