Sean's Kitchen - Love Young Mussels Lunch

Sean's Kitchen - Love Young Mussels Lunch - Station Road, Adelaide SA 5000 

OTCB was recently invited to the Love Young Mussels Lunch at Sean's Kitchen to celebrate the beginning of mussel season. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Sean's Kitchen.

I (Amanda) love eating a big bowl of mussels with a nice thick piece of bread to dunk in the broth, so I was very excited to attend this event. Especially since Sean's Kitchen was cooking the mussels for me! The lunch featured Kinkawooka mussels and Young Henry's mussel brew and what a fantastic job Sean Connolly did showcasing both in the specially designed menu for this private lunch.

Kinkawooka (Aboriginal for 'Good Water') Shellfish are located in Port Lincoln, South Australia. I was fortunate enough to sit next to Andrew Puglisi the Managing Director of Kinkawooka over lunch and learnt so much about mussels. Did you know that the orange coloured mussels are female and the white coloured mussels are male?! I also learnt that mussels harvested from South Australia are much sweeter compared to their eastern state counterparts which are more savoury in flavour. Kinkawooka vacuum bag their mussels which they believe eliminates any stress and ensures the mussels stay soft, sweet and delicious.

We started with 'Shucked Mussels with Mignonette Dressing' which was a refreshing way to start the lunch. We were also treated to a Young Henry's mussel brew. Young Henry's is located in NSW and their philosophy is to keep things local and reduce environmental impact. I'm not a beer fan let alone one made with mussels but wow it was actually enjoyable! Not an overly strong beer flavour but rather more on the light, refreshing and easy to drink side of things. Could this turn me into a beer drinker?!

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Kinkawooka Mussel Fritter with Garlic Aioli
Next we are served a 'Kinkawooka Mussel Fritter with Garlic Aioli'. This fritter was so soft and tasty especially paired with the well made garlic aioli that had a hint of chilli. Finished with a wedge of lemon, I was in my element! There were whole mussels and smaller diced mussels throughout the fritter creating great texture, very similar to a pancake. A great little starter.

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Mussels with Cider & Creme Fraiche
Lastly we are served the 'New Season Kinkawooka Mussels cooked in Cider and Creme Fraiche' with two deliciously garlic infused pieces of bread. This is the dish that will be added to the Sean's Kitchen menu from the 1st of June 2015. Wow! I loved this dish. So much flavour from the broth and the mussels, which were small and thin in shell but large in meat. I'm informed this is a reflection of the perfect growing conditions and quality farming techniques. Young Henry's cider is used in the dish which brings a subtle sweetness from the apples and a cloudy appearance to the broth which is thickened and slightly creamy from the addition of the creme fraiche. A winning combination!

I definitely recommend a visit to Sean's Kitchen to try the new season mussels that are available on the menu from the 1st of June and are currently offered with a butcher of Young Henry's beer for $22.  Fresh local produce, exceptional venue and superiorly executed, how could you not!

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