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Hanuman - 226 South Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Hanuman is located on the bottom floor of the Chifley Hotel, outside the hustle and bustle of the city opposite the parklands on South Terrace. The restaurant is quite large, open and dimly lit with lots of oriental style ornaments/statues and wall displays. This review of Hanuman was not by invitation, however meals and drinks were complimentary. 

Jimmy was working a short shift that night before heading out and kept us company for awhile. We (Hayes and wife) had a chat about all things food, family and life while he recommended a few of the dishes to order and wines to accompany those choices.

Money Bags - Hanuman, Adelaide
Money Bags
The first of the entrees were the Money Bags. Diced chicken and prawn with fresh coriander roots wrapped in tofu then deep fried. The amazing taste of pepper hits you in the face when you take a bite of these but slowly subsides when the flavours of the chicken, prawn and coriander take over.

Hanuman Oysters - Hanuman Adelaide
Hanuman Oysters
This next entree was one of the main reasons I wanted to take my wife here. She's not much of an oyster eater, but I had heard these were amazing so I thought she should try one more time. The first thing you notice is not the interesting clay plate that it is served on, but the aromas this dish permeates. Lemongrass, ginger and sweet basil just to name a few. To fully appreciate each oyster, Jimmy suggests to use a small spoon to get every last drop of the broth that the oysters are sitting on. Without giving too much away about how perfect each bite tastes, all I can say is that my wife loved them, and she wanted to order more.

Masala Lamb Cutlets - Hanuman Adelaide
Masala Lamb Cutlets
I love lamb, and the Masala Lamb Cutlets were cooked beautifully. The meat was soft, perfectly cooked, coated in chilli, turmeric tandoori garam masala, it may however be a bit spicy for some.

Meen Moolie - Hanuman Adelaide
Meen Moolie
This dish was the highlight of the evening. Barramundi fillets cooked in turmeric, curry leaf and coconut. Teamed with rice and Garlic Naan, this was truly heaven.....perfectly balanced dish with everything working together smoothly to make this curry very very very easy to eat.

Hanuman, Garlic Naan, Adelaide
Garlic Naan
Chicken Chettinad - Hanuman, Adelaide
Chicken Chettinad
It was unfortunate this Chicken Chettinad came out after such an amazing fish curry - it was pretty much overshadowed. But Jimmy suggested we eat from mild to hot so we could truly appreciate each dish. 

Chicken pieces were generously large and once again the spices working wonderfully together to make a uniformed curry with no prominent flavour. Another dish that goes very well with rice and naan.

Eggplant Pachadi - Hanuman, Adelaide
Eggplant Pachadi
This next dish was quite unique. Eggplant cooked in spicy tomato onion sauce with tangy tamarind. It tasted like a cross between a spicy pasta sauce and curry. The eggplant seemed to have been deep fried making them retain a perfect shape and texture even when mixed in a sauce. For the vegetarians this would make an amazing dish. With so many other meat dishes around me that night, this was ignored a bit until the end.

Beef Vindaloo - Hanuman, Adelaide
Beef Vindaloo
The final main dish, was the hottest of the bunch. My wife was getting very full by this stage and she's not much of a spicy eater, so this was basically all mine! I love spicy food and this dish met all my expectations. Another dish that was perfectly put together with all flavours melding into a very easy to eat curry. I polished off all the rice and naan with this vindaloo and slowly felt my stomach becoming warmer and warmer. 

Black Rice Brulee
Sri Lankan Love Cake
For those who follow some of my previous posts, I'm not much of a dessert eater, but luckily I was accompanied by my wife who certainly is. The Black Rice Brulee was outstanding she said, crackling on top was hard as rock, but inside was sweet and soft. Serving size was a bit too big she commented, as the smaller serving would make the diner savour each bite.

The Love Cake was unfortunately not her cup of tea. She wasn't a big fan of the ginger in the cake, so I had to finish it all off. I didn't mind it, was a bit strange but balanced well with the vanilla ice cream.

By the end of the night, we were so full we couldn't move. We were both completely satisfied and were thinking when to come back again to get another serve of the Meen Moolie, it was really 'that' good.

We both agreed every dish seemed to be very well balanced and easy to eat, nothing too overwhelming or overpowering. Certainly a pleasant dining experience. We only managed to sample a handful of the items on the menu and would definitely come back to try the other dishes.

We were ready to get the bill when the waitress said Jimmy had taken care of it........It was certainly unexpected and we both felt bad as we never got a chance to say thank you properly.

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