Quick Chop! La Madeleine

La Madeleine - 246 The Parade Norwood SA 5067

Needing a quick pick me up while on a shopping expedition one Saturday, I (Amanda) stop in for a bite to eat at the newly relocated La Madeleine (formerly Au Matin Calme of Hutt Street). Loving the casual but cute venue, I take a seat indoors on a high stool along the window bench overlooking the footpath and pretty flower pots. After browsing the menu, I order and pay for my lunch at the counter.

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Ginger & Lemongrass Tea $3.50
Shortly after, my ginger and lemongrass tea arrives. I have a few sips of this lovely tea but take my time as I would like to drink it with my lunch. Twenty minutes later I am still waiting for my lunch to arrive and my tea is now long gone and I'm getting very hungry. I catch the attention of a waitress and ask her if she could find out how long it is until my lunch will arrive. Five minutes later, a waitress returns apologising and kindly hands me a cake and $15 to refund the cost of my lunch! She explains there was a mix up in the kitchen and my lunch order had been placed in the completed pile. She informs my lunch will be out as soon as possible and apologises again for the mix up. I thought the cake and refund was a lovely gesture and proves La Madeleine takes customer service seriously.

la madeleine, norwood, food, adelaide, french, cafe, patisserie, bakery, cakes, pastries, tea, coffee, sweets
Raspberry Cake
I start on the raspberry cake (yes before my lunch because I'm starving!) and I am impressed. Such lovely flavour with the pop of tart raspberries throughout, with the cake being soft and definitely freshly baked. This pre-lunch sugar kick is just the fix I need while waiting for my freshly made crepe!  

la madeleine, norwood, food, adelaide, french, cafe, patisserie, bakery, cakes, pastries, tea, coffee, crepes, savoury
Ham, Cheese & Egg Savoury Crepe $14.50
Not long after finishing the raspberry cake, my ham, cheese and egg savoury crepe arrives. Looking just as cute as my surrounds I dive in and thank goodness...the wait was worth it!

The crepe was soft with a lovely slight crunch on the edges. Good quality ham and cheese are used and I love the gooey yolk to spread around the crepe.  The ratatouille on the side is delicious but the side salad is not dressed and is bland. Overall a nice little dish but I just wish the salad had a little dressing.

I'm excited to have La Madeleine on The Parade and will definitely be back to try a few more savoury items and definitely a lot more French pastries! Afternoon tea anyone?!

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  1. I have experience La Madeleine! Feel free to invite me for afternoon tea! I think the food and cakes are French delights and think that are still going through some teething problems business wise!


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