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Guilt Free Delights -

Guilt Free Delights (GFD) is a local Adelaide business that specialises in organic, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cakes and sweets. OTCB were provided with a selection of three slices and one ball on behalf of GFD.

A selection of Guilt Free Delights
Nathan and I (Amanda) were the lucky ones on the OTCB team to indulge in these treats, so I have summarised both our thoughts below.

'Ferrero Rocher Ball'

Nathan - this was his favourite of the treats sampled. He thought the ball had a nice outer crust and he loved the interior texture. He liked the crunch and found it a very similar flavour to a real Ferrero Rocher.
Amanda - thought it tasted just like a real Ferrero Rocher. I loved the whole hazelnut hidden in the middle of the ball experience and thought there were lots of great chocolate hazelnut flavours. The ball consisted of a smooth texture within the hard chocolate outer and I especially loved the delicious nutty and crunchy bits throughout. Definitely one of my favourites.


Nathan - thought this slice was delicious! He especially loved the thickness of the peanut paste in this slice and thought it tasted very similar to a real snickers bar.
Amanda - also thought this slice was delicious and another of my favourites. It tasted just like a real snickers bar with it's creamy peanut butter flavour, great crunch from the chopped peanuts on top of the slice and finger licking good quality chocolate on the base and top of the peanut butter goodness.

'Salted Caramel Slice'

Nathan - this was his least favourite slice of the box as he couldn't taste the salt or caramel flavours which he felt were highly important when naming the slice. He felt he could mainly taste a maple syrup flavour. He did think the chocolate used was of good quality and had a great flavour. Overall he liked the texture of the slice but would recommend renaming the slice to add maple syrup within the title.
Amanda - could taste the salt but not the caramel so much. I did taste mainly chocolate flavours and wondered if it was the three layers of chocolate that overpowered the two caramel layers. Overall I still enjoyed this slice with it's wonderful sweetness and great smooth texture.

'Banana Peanut Butter'

Nathan felt he could taste more peanut butter than the banana. He would have liked more banana flavours as he is a big banana fan. He thought the texture was good and the oil from the peanuts helped to bring the slice together. He enjoyed the crunch and smooth textures throughout.
Amanda - felt I could taste too much banana flavour but this is most likely because I'm not a fan of bananas. So it is interesting what flavours your palate focuses on when you have extreme likes and dislikes to certain flavours. I am a big peanut butter fan so I would always love more peanut butter flavours but overall this slice had that great consistent texture.
Currently GFD stock their delicious raw treats at Argo on the parade, Argo on the Square, Penny University, House of Health, Earths Kitchen, Raw + Real, St. Louis Glenelg, St. Louis City, Five Little Figs, The Market Shed on Holland, Grass Roots SAHMRI, Grass Roots Telstra building, Cocolat Henley, Bocelli, Bliss Organic Cafe, Everything Vegan, Taste on Main, Un Cafe Waymouth,  Un Cafe North Adelaide and The Store. 

So don't forget to pick up a GFD cake, slice or ball next time you are visiting one of these locations as you will be surprised at how delicious a healthy treat can be!


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