Luigi Delicatessen - Breakfast of champions

Luigi Delicatessen - 151 Flinders Street, Hutt Street, Adelaide

You'll notice we are a little in love with Lui's food. We've posted many many great lunch pics on Instagram, raved about all the pastas here and he's on our top lunch list in the OTCB Loves list. Ok, you get the picture. So here are some more pictures and glowing praise for Lui, this time, it's his breakfasts. Unintentionally, upon visiting Lui with other OTCB peeps Mirko, Jess P and Amanda, Lui was kind enough to shout us breakfast. Thanks Lui, you are a legend. On to the dishes! With four of us dining, and knowing how good Lui's meals can be, we chose to share 2 dishes between each pair. The dishes were all a poached eggs on toast variant.

Luigi, Luigi Delicatessen, Breakfast, CBD, Pasta, Adelaide,
Dish 1 - Poached eggs, nap sauce, pancetta, crunchy bread, parmesan, basil. 

Dish 1 was poached eggs, nap sauce, pancetta, crunchy bread, parmesan, basil. I (Nathan) am a huge fan of eggs in nap sauce, always trying to find somewhere that beats Chianti. Lui's variant is as close as I've come. The sauce is sweet, importing the tomatoes from Italy for it especially. The eggs are from an egg farm here in SA, where the eggs are true free range, with more room to roam than most of us have in our own backyards. This is evident when we crack through an egg, it's bright, yellow and gooey. I say 'egg' here rather than 'eggs' as the cooking of the eggs were inconsistent.  One egg in this dish was over poached, leaving the person who got that half very jealous of the other.

The fried pancetta adds some crunch and saltiness, and leaves you wanting more pieces on the side. A good layer of cheese and a little basil balances the meal out. The bread is fresh with a crunchy crust to add some needed textural balance. There is ample bread to soak up all the sauce and yolk.

Luigi, Luigi Delicatessen, Breakfast, CBD, Pasta, Adelaide,
Dish 2 - Poached eggs, blue cheese sauce, roasted beetroot, pancetta, crunchy bread, pepitas.
After demolishing the first dish, wondering if we should have just had one each, out comes the next dish. The blue cheese sauce is instantly recognisable on the nose, as unappetising as that may sound, it's a delicious aromatic waft towards your nostrils. And ample it is too. The eggs are cooked to a perfect gooey centre, the pancetta is great and the pepitas added some crunch. What makes this dish so amazingly different is the two other elements, the sauce and the roasted beetroot. Not knowing what to expect, we were literally in awe of how good the sauce was. Punchy, slightly salty, creamy. Not what we were expecting. The sauce was initially overwhelming, but then, there was the beetroot. Oh Lui, how did you do it. The sweet beetroot countered the strength of the sauce flavours and brought the whole dish together.

Luigi, Luigi Delicatessen, Breakfast, CBD, Pasta, Adelaide,
Breakfast juice
Somewhere in all of our breakfast gorging, Lui asked if we wanted some juices to try. We were probably in a breakfast love haze when we nodded, not sure what he was asking, maybe just getting us another dish. We soon realised he was trying to make us a little healthier with a zesty, fruity and quite refreshing breakfast juice. It worked well to cleanse the palate after the two main dishes we had.

Soon enough, we all walk away very full and very happy. Reflecting upon the experience a little later on, we realise that we still aren't hungry and it's past lunch time. An epic breakfast for sure. Thank you again to Lui for your hospitality and generosity.

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