KoKo Thai - Grand Opening Night

KoKo Thai - 147 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide SA 

In September 2015, OTCB were kindly invited to the grand opening of Koko Thai in North Adelaide.  All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Koko Thai.

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On entering Koko's, there is an air of excitement throughout the already full restaurant including both indoor and outdoor seating.  There are colourful jars of flowers on each of the candlelit tables and a modern, fresh and inviting interior.  The light fittings which we find out later are handmade by the owner demonstrates the personalised and thoughtful touch that has gone into bringing this restaurant, a dream to life.

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I (Amanda) selected a glass of the Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling to enjoy this evening but the owner was generously insistent that we share a bottle!  I decided that I'm not driving, it is a grand opening and a lovely drop indeed, so cheers to that!

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, oyster
Fresh Oyster
To begin we are presented with a fresh Oyster with coriander, lime and chilli, an amuse bouche one might say, a wonderful way to prepare our palate for the flavours we were about to embark on.  I'm unsure if this will be on their regular menu but I do hope so as it was so fresh and flavoursome I could have knocked back half a dozen or so easily.

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, betel leaf, miang kum, prawn
Miang Kum
Miang Kum is one of my favourite Thai starters, so no matter who I'm dining with, this is a must order dish!  Koko's version is a generous 6 portions with prawns, lime, roast coconut, ginger and cashew nut, wrapped in betel leaf. You could taste most of the ingredients equally apart from maybe the prawns which could have been slightly larger to provide a more meaty component that works so well with toasty coconut flavours.  The small wedge of lime inside provided a great burst of citrusy juice to balance out the other dry ingredients.  A lovely fresh crunchy betel leaf held all the ingredients together well to ensure nothing fell out before making it to our mouths!

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, sea stars, red curry sauce
Sea Stars
Sea Stars are another of my favourites so I was intrigued to compare it to my usual sea star dealer, Star of Siam!  Koko's sea stars are homemade dumplings of minced chicken, squid and prawn served with a mild red curry sauce.  These were good... compared to other sea stars I've had, these were quite generous in size and jam-packed with filling from the variety of meats minced together.  The dough was firm enough to hold the generous filling but soft enough to melt away in deliciousness when eating it.  The topping of red curry sauce had us going back for more spoonfuls which had a good level of heat that matched my chilli loving palate and my friend's not so loving chilli palate!

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, pad thai
Pad Thai
For mains we decided to order three dishes to share.  Firstly we selected the Pad Thai, as I like to think it's a good indicator of the authenticity of a Thai restaurant.  On this occasion we were let down.  The stir fry rice noodles with chicken, prawn and egg with ground peanut, spring onion and bean sprouts was dry and overcooked.  It was such a shame that it had to be the pad thai that failed on this occasion but I provided this feedback to the owner and she was more than happy to take it onboard which I hope was nothing more than a once off due to being the first night of opening and all the stress that goes along with it.

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, green chicken curry, curry, chicken, vegetables
Green Chicken Curry
The Green Chicken Curry with slow cooked chicken pieces in coconut milk, green curry paste, green beans and bamboo was very enjoyable.  I would normally select a red hot curry but today we decide to be different and try the green curry.  The chicken pieces were tender and it was a very easy dish to eat that worked well with the fluffy white rice to soak up the sauce.  I enjoyed the coriander and lime flavours that stood out to me in the sauce and the lovely mix of seasonal vegetables throughout.

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, fish, barramundi
The next dish was described as a deboned whole barramundi lightly deep fried until golden crispy, topped with apple, shallot, cashew nuts and chilli lime juice.  Overall we enjoyed the soft tender interior of the barramundi but thought the outer could have been a little crispier as it was golden but blended into the softness of the fish.  The apple and chilli lime juice brought a great fresh sweetness which balanced well with the fried outer with the cashew nuts giving the textural crunch.

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, dessert, ice cream, coconut
Coconut Ice Cream
I wouldn't normally pick coconut ice cream for dessert but when I heard it was home made I thought I'd give it a try and end the night on a refreshing note.  I find that coconut ice cream can be too overpowering for me and this is why I wouldn't normally order it but I'm so glad I took the plunge tonight!  This ice cream was so creamy with a lovely subtle coconut flavour that I wipe the plate clean!  For presentation value I would like to see the ice cream in a smaller bowl piled up next time with maybe a strawberry for a colourful sweet garnish.

koko thai, thai, adelaide, food, dinner, north adelaide, restaurant, dessert, ice cream, banana, fritter, chocolate sauce
Banana Fritter
My friend had the Banana Fritter.  She enjoyed the soft almost caramelised banana with the cripsy outer but said it wasn't her favourite banana fritter that she's ever had.

Overall, we had a lovely time at Koko's Thai celebrating the opening in a stylish location with the buzzing of excitable guests all enjoying a variety of Thai food across the extensive menu.  We look forward to returning soon as there is still so much more to try and to also get another fix of the betel leaves and sea stars!

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  1. I love the food here!...no doubt that's why it's full always.
    Need advance booking here.
    And staff are very helpful and pleasant!


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