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Ramen & Izakaya Himeji - 22-24 Grote Street, Adelaide SA 5000

You'll have noticed in the past that we had a big Japanese influence when a previous OTCB member was always travelling to Japan. That influence is still strong with myself, Nathan, as I would often hear about his wonderful adventures, and his obsession with Ramen. When Hayes let me know that Ramen & Izakaya Himeji was opening up in the old Auge location, I was very excited. A true Ramen bar in the heart of Adelaide, opened up by the same group that run Sushi Bar Genki.

Ramen, Japanese, Adelaide, CBD Lunch, CBD, Dinner, Izakaya Himeji
Himeji Spicy Tonkatsu Red - $13.90

Having a quick read of the menu out the front, I was instantly drawn to the Himeji Spicy Tonkatsu Red. It sounds hot, flavoursome and exactly what I needed after a weekend of indulgence. I took a seat at the bar and ordered swiftly. Sitting at the bar, I was able to watch one of the sushi chefs make fresh sushi, observing what an art it is. 

The restaurant no longer feels like Auge, it's interior has a distinct Japanese feel, with clean lines, lots of oak wood tables and secluded booths for group meals. It's not too full today as it's opening week, as a result service is slightly nervous but prompt. My Ramen is brought to me steaming hot after a short wait. It comes with a few sides to customise my experience, chilli oil, chilli salt and garlic of which I am informed gives the broth more warmth. I choose to leave the sides for the moment until I taste it as the chef has delivered. 

My first taste of the broth informs me clearly that it's delivered as advertised. It's spicy, very spicy. Within a few minutes my nose is running and I'm dabbing some sweat beads from my forehead. For a moment I think that I'm not going to get through the broth, but I begin to acclimatise. The broth is delicious, thick, slightly fishy and thoroughly slurp worthy. As I start to taste the other elements. I realise why it's an obsession. The noodles are fresh and dense, chewy and stretch all at once. They are made on-site and you can have them served in different levels of texture, from normal to hard. I took mine normal. 

There's more to Ramen than noodles and broth though. The soft egg slightly gooey. The pork mince is salty, savoury and a little sweet. There is ample mince to fill an empty stomach. Along with the chilli shreds and the fried leek bits, it's a different mouthful every time. 

As I begin to finish it, slurping all the way to my last mouthful, I'm filled with a little sadness it's over. But then I realise, I can come back again and again, trying the other Ramen on the menu, mixing it up with a myriad of options from the customisation list. Until then, I'm left to walk back to work, full and content. If you're interested, I've included the Ramen menu below so you can plan your trip!

Ramen, Japanese, Adelaide, CBD Lunch, CBD, Dinner, Izakaya Himeji
Ramen Menu
Ramen & Izakaya Himeji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Hi! Thanks for the great article, this ramen sounds delicious. I'm just wondering, did you happen to notice if the menu had any vegetarian ramen options available? Thanks!

    1. Hi Claire, from what we remember there were some vegetarian dishes on the menu but i cannot remember them off the top of my head! ^N

  2. Nicely written! The ramen search is always on, can't wait to go try Himeji!


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