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Tired of hungrily (or hangrily) wandering the supermarket aisles after work? The new home delivery food group, Thomas Farm’s Kitchen, has a solution to this common weeknight conundrum. Deliciously fresh and locally-sourced produce (delivered straight to your door) will reinvigorate a joy for cooking and break any monotony associated with typical weeknight dinners.

From an array of 11 meal options, (3 red meat, 3 white meat, 3 vegetarian, 2 seafood), we chose the Penne with Abruzzi-Style Lamb Sauce, Salmon Fillet Nicoise, Chicken Breast filled with Spinach and Fetta, and (an On the Chopping Board staple!) - the Wagyu Banh Mi. Upon arrival, we were impressed by the obvious quality and freshness of the ingredients. Thomas Farms also provided almost all of the required pantry ingredients (other than olive oil and salt and pepper, both of which we have our own favourites of anyway). We also noted the included recipe cards were simple yet snappy, providing straightforward instructions to assemble our dinners over the next week.


Ingredients for Wagyu Banh Mi
Wagyu Banh Mi
 A generous serve, the quality Wagyu Steak paired well with the carrot and radish, which we pickled in the provided mirin, fish sauce and sesame oil. These ingredients were then placed within the delicious toasted baguette, alongside mayonnaise, sliced miniature cucumber, bean sprouts, coriander leaves and a few cheeky slices of fresh chilli. The dish was well balanced, healthy, and tasty, as well as very simple to prepare.


Ingredients for Penne with Lamb Sauce

Penne with Abruzzi Style Lamb Sauce
Following the simple instructions, we created a tasty penne-based dish with lamb mince, pancetta and cherry tomato sauce- topped with grated parmesan and an array of fresh herbs. The plain cherry tomato sauce did lack depth of flavour, however this can be easily overlooked considering it was cooked and eaten within half an hour. Whilst we enjoyed the dish- easy tweaks could have given this sauce a little more depth.


Ingredients for Chicken with Spinach & Fetta

Chicken Breast filled with Spinach & Fetta
This was a delicious and simple meal, featuring the always delicious combination of spinach and perfectly crumbly fetta. The popular combo was stuffed inside the juicy chicken breast, which we then browned in a hot pan before finishing it in the oven. Served with a simple salad - and a drizzle of olive oil, red wine vinegar and lemon - it was a refreshingly simple dinner. 


Ingredients for Salmon Fillet Nicoise

Salmon Fillet Nicoise
If you’re in the mood for something healthy, filling and delicious, this meal has all you could ever want. The easy instructions made multi-tasking a breeze, as we blanched our greens, boiled our eggs, potatoes and whipped up a zesty dressing. Preparing the salad, we tossed olives, cherry tomatoes, basil through the fresh cos lettuce leaves and added the green beans, soft-boiled potatoes and oozy-yoked egg. We then seared our gorgeous salmon steak, giving it a crispy skin, all ready to adorn the fresh salad, which was completed perfectly with the zingy dressing of lemon, toasted fennel seeds and red wine vinegar. Thumbs up to this meal – perfect for a summer’s night.

Thomas Farms Kitchen meals provided simple, healthy and, most importantly, delicious diners. We were impressed with the ease of the system on the whole, ordering, delivery and food preparation was all a cinch, and the ingredients were premium quality, fresh and tasty. This also meant we were provided with sufficient quantities for the meals with no wastage, of time, money or ingredients, yet another bonus. We have since recommended this to both friends and family who have gone on to place their own orders. We wonder what next week’s options will be… dinner is served!


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