Public CBD - Saturday Brunch Launch

Public CBD - 12 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were invited to Public CBD for the launch of their new brunch menu. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of Public CBD.

Public CBD is conveniently situated very close to my work and thus is somewhere I (Amanda) have visited on many occasions for lunch. The brunch launch now sees Public CBD extend their opening times from breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday through to brunch on Saturday from 8am until 2pm. They are also extending their Friday trade to evenings with a wine down from 3pm offering a small plates menu, meet the maker guest sessions and DJ to get the weekend started right!

House Made Pastries
Public CBD is a gorgeous venue with floor to ceiling windows allowing an abundance of natural light in to produce a happy and relaxed vibe in the modern space. Today a lovely long decorated table is set for us and fellow bloggers are eager to try the new brunch menu. On arrival we are offered a selection of beverages including mini Bloody Mary's, Boozy Smoothies and Peach Nectar Bellini's.  This is an easy decision for me as Peach Nectar Bellini's are my favourite. This one has a slice of peach in the glass soaking up all the sparkling wine goodness. A lovely sweetness, good fizz and dangerously easy to drink this early in the morning!

Brioche Buns with Scrambled Egg
First out are mini brioche buns filled with scrambled egg, sriracha mayo and aged cheddar. Simple, delicious and great to help start soaking up some of that Bellini. This egg and cheese roll is made that little more interesting with the addition of the sriracha mayo which brings a good little spice kick.

Fish and Chips
Now seated with knife and fork in hand the first plated dish arrives. The 'Fish and Chips' consists of red gum smoked salmon, hash and lemon beurre blanc. The chef provided us with bite sized portions of this dish, clearly knowing the extensive menu ahead. The small rounds of smooth hash brown was lightly crisp on the outer and topped with the smokey salmon fillet was a great little canapé idea. The lemon beurre blanc, a traditional French butter sauce worked well with the salmon to bring a tangy component. I'd be interested to see how this would be plated as one whole serve of this bite sized version was plenty enough for me due to the richness of the salmon, hash and creamy sauce combination.

Rice Porridge
The 'Rice Porridge' is presented as small spoon sized portions to provide us with just enough of a taste. The porridge consisted of coconut milk, wild rice, vanilla bean, tropical fruits and palm sugar syrup. I've never had wild rice in a porridge before and surprisingly it worked well. The wild rice having a firm texture was able to retain its shape whilst mixed with the coconut milk, juicy tropical fruits and sugar syrup. Overall quite a sweet mouthful and again I wonder how I would go if I had to finish an entire bowl of the porridge.

Breakfast Cassoulet $19
The 'Breakfast Cassoulet' was my favourite dish of the day. The baked dish was filled with sausage, duck meat, speck, beans and tomato, topped with an egg and served with sourdough to the side. The combination of the 3 meats, beans and egg while sounding heavy was so flavoursome I kept wanting to spoon out more and more. It was very well seasoned providing a nice kick of heat from the pepper and also the sausage throughout. The tomato sauce was well developed to an enjoyable sweetness and no bitterness was present. The sauce had a nice consistency to dip the toasted sourdough in and scoop up generous amounts of the sauce. I will be definitely returning to enjoy this one all on my own!

Truffled Omelette $19
The 'Truffled Omelette' was another of my favourite menu items of the day. The omelette filled with wild mushrooms, truffle oil and grana padano with toasted sourdough on the side was delicious. The egg was a lovely shade of bright yellow, light and fluffy and full of the truffle flavour I was looking forward to. The mushrooms were also cooked well retaining a good chewy texture. Another dish I'd love to eat again.

Green Bowl $16
The 'Green Bowl' is the perfect dish for the health conscious brunch goers. With kale, quinoa, Israeli couscous, asparagus, smashed avocado and brioche crumbed poached eggs, it was a well balanced nutritious dish. Slicing the poached eggs to have the yolk ooze over the greens and grains was delectably enjoyable. A simple guilt free dish with lots of flavour that I would also order again.

Pig and Poached $12
Enjoying the dishes so much, next up was the 'Pig and Poached' which consisted of 12 hour slow cooked pork shoulder, poached egg, house made chutney, lettuce in a wholemeal roll. This looked and smelt delicious as soon as it arrived to the table. Slicing the poached egg and mixing it through the thickly pulled pork shoulder and generous amounts of crackle made me very happy that the chef put this dish on the menu. I'm not sure I've had a poached egg with pulled pork before but this has started a new addiction for me because they work together like magic. The wholemeal roll was so fresh and tasty and held the abundance of ingredients very well. The house made chutney had a lovely sweetness which paired so well with the pork and the lettuce adding the needed greens to the roll.  Yes, another dish I'd love to devour again... and again!

Blood Sausage $16
By this stage I may have over-indulged in my previous 4 favourite dishes so when the not so enticing dish of 'Blood Sausage' appeared I unfortunately did not have a taste. This dish consisted of boudin noir, heirloom tomato, fried egg and sourdough toast. As all the other dishes were consistently good I can only assume this was of fine quality also. If you try this dish, please comment below and let us know what you thought.

Fruit $12
To finish, I had a small tasting of the fruit plate, mainly to refresh the palate as full to the brim I was! The compressed watermelon and strawberry salad with star anise, orange blossom yoghurt and flowers is a lovely light and sweet dish with some tartness from the yoghurt. The addition of the orange blossom in the yoghurt reminded me a little of sunscreen... not that I garnish my food with sunscreen often but I think I would have preferred a plain or vanilla bean yoghurt in this dish but that is just my personal preference.

Latte with Almond Milk and Flat White
We also enjoyed a couple of good organic coffees - mine with almond milk which was pleasing to see a variety of milks are offered.

House Made Pastries
To end we were kindly sent merrily home with a box of house-made pastries. I was eyeing off these pastries the entire time on a nearby gorgeous little pastry and drinks cart that I was hoping I could wheel out without anyone noticing... but no such luck today!

Pastry and Beverage Cart
I had a splendid time brunching at Public CBD and wish them all the best for many more successful Saturday brunch trades in the future. It is somewhere I would confidently recommend to my friends and family to try... the only negative I could note would be the lack of free street parking on a Saturday morning... or maybe it was just my own poor luck that day.

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