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The Currant Shed - 104 Ingoldby Road, McLaren Flat SA 5171

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were invited to The Currant Shed for lunch. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of The Currant Shed.

View from our dining table
Arriving at The Currant Shed (TCS) on a glorious sunny Sunday for lunch, we immediately have a sense of joy, sophisticated simplicity and tranquillity observing the stunning location. It is called a 'shed' for good reason as that is exactly what it is but this is no ordinary shed! Covered in picturesque vines currently shining in all it's coloured autumn glory, one whole side of the shed is open from floor to ceiling to provide a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor dining overlooking a very plush looking vineyard.

Sparkling wine
Today we are seated at the edge of the shed underneath the verandah, a stone throw to the rolling hill of vines. Josh the restaurant manager (previously from Adelaide's Restaurant Orana), kindly informs that he will take care of the food and beverages for the afternoon and starts us off with a lovely glass of sparkling, the Shottesbrooke 1337 Blanc de Blancs NV. Josh is a wonderful host throughout the afternoon explaining all our dishes and matching wines in detail as they arrive.

Shottesbrooke Winery owns TCS but they are not located in walking distance of each other and TCS still includes a variety of international and local wines on the menu. TCS has a local produce, seasonal focus which sees the menu updated twice a season alleviating the need for a specials menu.

Puffed Rice with Kimchi & Coriander
To accompany our sparkling wine we are brought a selection of small starters to whet our appetite! Firstly, little puffed rice crackers holding kimchi and fresh coriander. A simple bite sized morsel with a nice amount of spice, freshness from the coriander and great crunch from the puffed rice.

Fish & Chips
The next starter cleverly named 'Fish and Chips' was a creamy snapper mousse sandwiched between two house made potato crisps.  This was a very cute starter with good crunch, a strong fish flavour and addictive saltiness.

Brie Cream Foam with Sweet Potato Cracker
The last of the snacks was our standout - sweet potato and rice crackers served with a Brie cream foam with a sprinkling of mustard seed powder. Unsure of what to expect of a Brie cream foam we were delighted when we dipped in with our cracker to unveil a delicious, creamy, airy texture, similar to a good whipped cream but with a strong hit of brie flavour. I'm very tempted to try to recreate this nifty starter at home one day!

Light Rye Sourdough Rolls
Before our entrees arrive, we are served freshly baked house made light rye sourdough rolls with blackened salt on Hindmarsh Valley butter. The rolls are warm and dense, and the effective use of blackened salt on the locally produced butter makes for a whole new fun spreadable experience!

By Jingo Gruner Veltliner 2014
Cucumber Soup, Creme Fraiche, Mint
Our first entree today is the 'Cucumber Soup' which is pretty as a picture. A beautiful use of bright colours in the ingredients of heirloom tomatoes, zucchini flowers and cucumber. This dish excelled in textural elements with the creatively executed cucumber jelly tube filled with a creme fraiche and goats cheese combination. The chilled cucumber broth was lovely and refreshing with hints of mint and also a subtle peppery zing. What a great start to the entrees, we loved the blend of different elements making for a very interesting dish both texture and taste wise.

The Gruner Veltliner 2014 by Jingo was served to match with this dish which is described as a zesty wine with flavours of peach, melon and green apple. When paired with the cucumber soup it was not as fruity as we were expecting and made for an easy drinking wine.

Fleurie 2013 Poncie Pierre Chermette
Smoked Kingfish, Apple, Onion, Mustard
Our second entree was the 'Smoked Kingfish' which again looked too pretty to eat! The kingfish is smoked in hickory and what a divine scent and flavour that produced. The smokiness of the tender, thinly sliced kingfish paired with the sweetness of the apple and fine onion rings (one of which was lightly battered yum!) was stunning. Both entrees had such attention to detail using simple, fresh ingredients including the use of green edible leaves from TCS garden. The apple was prepared in two ways with apple emulsion and apple discs providing more textural excitement and the dollops of yoghurt and mustard balancing the smoke and sweet with some sour.

The wine match for this dish was a Fleurie 2013 Poncie Pierre Chermette. A red wine is not an obvious choice for myself to match with the kingfish but it worked very well in this case with the smokiness of the fish. We thought this wine was similar to a pinot noir style which we enjoy.

Shottesbrooke Chardonnay 2015
Flathead with Zucchini Flower
The first of our main courses arrive - the 'Flathead'. Four small fillets of flathead are presented with one large zucchini flower wowing the plate! To complete the dish there are zucchini ribbons, macadamia pieces and shavings and zingy lemon flavours. The zucchini flower is from TCS's garden and stuffed with a warm flathead mousse which was the highlight for me. The flathead fillet on it's own was quite plain in flavour but once paired with the peppery lemon zucchini ribbons was a delight.

The flathead is paired with a Shottesbrooke Chardonnay 2015. Not being big lovers of Chardonnay we were happy on tasting that it was not as dry as we were expecting and was overall very pleasant to drink.

Brash Higgins Cabernet Franc 2015
Wild Rabbit
Our second main course is the 'Wild Rabbit'. Rabbit is definitely not a protein I would prioritise in selecting so when Josh selected this dish for us today I was excited to step out my comfort zone and try something a little different for me. The rounds of wild rabbit wrapped in locally sourced prosciutto and served with saltbush, warrigal greens and balsamic sherbet ended up being one of our favourite dishes of the day. We are both rabbit converts now. Although I'm not sure we would trust anyone else besides TCS to cook rabbit for us! It was definitely not as rich as we were expecting the rabbit to be and in fact tasted a lot like chicken. The addition of the balsamic sherbet was an addictively sweet and salty combination that had us fighting over that plate wanting more and more.

The rabbit was paired with a lovely drop of Brash Higgins Cabernet Franc 2015.

Shottesbrooke 1337 Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Peach Semifreddo
Dessert time! My favourite part of the day and Josh kindly handed over the dessert selection to us.  We decided on the 'Peach Semifreddo' and 'Strawberry Shortbread'.

Again full marks for presentation with the peach semifreddo. It had all the right flavour and texture combinations with the sweet peach and fresh raspberries and gel, white chocolate cream and basil leaves and gel. My palate was extremely excited over the basil and sweet fruit combination. It was the perfect dessert to end a beautiful meal as it was not too sweet or heavy.

Strawberry Shortbread
Strawberry Shortbread Attacked!
One last dessert we couldn't refuse was the strawberry shortbread. The shortbread is freshly made to order which is a rarity I was super excited for. Arriving at the table with one large thin disc covering the entire plate we couldn't wait to smash through the slightly warm shortbread and reveal a party of strawberries and cream! The shortbread which is not normally something I get overly excited by was divine in all it's flakey, light and buttery goodness. The shortbread, combined with the sweetness of the fresh strawberries and strawberry gel and cream was a good balance with a great ratio of shortbread to strawberries and cream to eat together which did not leave too much of one component. So simple but executed so well.

Desserts were paired with the Shottesbrooke 1337 Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc 2011. Lovely, sweet and sticky as a botrytis should be. It was a magical or maybe somewhat tipsy end to an amazing meal!

The Currant Shed
TCS offers two lunch options with either 2 courses for $55 or 3 courses for $70. Lunch also includes starters and house made bread.

I (Amanda) thoroughly enjoyed our long lazy lunch at TCS. There really was no better way to spend a Sunday with beautiful local, seasonal produce, superb wines, stunning views and wonderful company. Treat yourself soon and experience what this little piece of countryside paradise has to offer!

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