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2KW Bar & Restaurant - 2 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) were invited to 2KW for a tasting of their 4 new winter menu items and cocktails. All food and beverages were provided on behalf of 2KW. I (Amanda) had only ever visited 2KW before for cocktails on the outdoor rooftop, so when the invitation arrived to try some of their new winter menu items I was excited. 2KW has stunning views high above Adelaide and was a stunning location on this balmy Autumn evening with the retractable windows open and the fire in the middle of the room providing extra warmth and ambiance.

The Barrel Aged Rosita Cocktail
Tonight we began by trying 2 new cocktails on the menu.  The 'Plane Tree' with sherry, orange and chestnut and the 'Barrel Aged Rosita' with tequila, vermouth and orange. Both quite strong cocktails and not for the faint hearted!  The Barrel Aged Rosita was a little more my style with a slight Negroni feel to it.

Super Salad $24
We are then treated to canape sized tasting versions of the four new menu items. The 'Super Salad' consisting of flowering broccolini, roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, kale, grains, seeds and cauliflower tahini screams winter wonderland! This warm vegan salad had many interesting elements combined together to produce a flavoursome, colourful and texturally pleasing dish. Like all the dishes at 2KW it is a perfect sharing dish that would compliment so many others.

Mushroom Patch $28
The 'Mushroom Patch' consisting of a selection of mushrooms, purple basil, turnip puree, porcini and carrot marmalade is a favourite from the night. We are informed that the chef has used 5 different types of mushrooms tonight including a fried noodle looking enoki mushroom which provided great crunch. The purple basil looked so pretty scattered throughout and the turnip puree bringing a lovely silky smoothness to the dish. Unsure of what type of marmalade was sprinkled on top, now learning it was porcini and carrot, we would have never guessed. It did have quite a citrus tang to it which lifted the dish overall.

Josper Roasted Calamari $22
The 'Josper Roasted Calamari' with lentil ragu and green chimichurri was also a lovely well rounded dish. I really enjoyed that these new winter dishes weren't overly heavy and just bulked up with carbs as some winter menus tend to do. Instead using nutritious ingredients with the right balance of protein, grains, legumes and vegetables to fill you up and keep the tummy warm on winter nights but not to the point you are sickly full. The roasted calamari is nice and tender with a slight chew and the well seasoned lentil ragu is an interesting combination with the calamari but worked for me in terms of the light and heavy balance of ingredients. The green chimichurri is a little too salty for me on this occasion and worked well with the calamari but I'm not convinced it worked so well with the lentils.

Trio of Duck $18
The 'Trio of Duck' consisting of layers of duck prosciutto, rillettes, pate and pickled walnut jus gras  is another favourite of the evening. Three delicate layers of duck, prepared in three different ways had this dish looking like a masterpiece! Smooth rich pate, juicy shredded duck in the centre and lovely thin layers of duck prosciutto on top. The pickled walnut jus gras providing the acidity to cut through the 3 layers of meat. Such a special and different dish I would recommend it to anyone to give it a try.

Boomer Beach Cocktail
The last two cocktails we tried were the 'Coconut Old Fashioned' with rum, pineapple, coconut and allspice and the 'Boomer Beach' with tequila, almond, lemon and chocolate. The Boomer Beach I could drink all night. It is refreshing and light but with a good kick of tequila and slight sweetness and lovely creamy whipped egg white on top.

We had a lovely experience at 2KW tonight. One that has me searching the diary for my next available night, so I can schedule in a sit down three course dinner to experience the complete 2KW package. For all those 2KW veterans, it's time to head back to 2KW and try some of these new menu additions for yourself. And don't forget to have a nightcap by the fire with the faux fur throws to cuddle up with!

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