Joe's Stone Crab - Miami seafood dining

Joe's Stone Crab - 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

At the tail end of our Costa Rica trip, and with a 12 hour (overnight) stopover in Miami, I (Mirko) along with my friends decided to end our trip with a seafood feast at Joe's Stone Crab after checking out the Yelp reviews whilst hanging out in the airport customs line for 2.5 hours.

Joe's Stone Crab as the name suggests, is known for crab, specifically Stone and King Crab. Stone crabs are found in the Atlantic around the Florida region. Typically, only the claws are eaten. Fun fact - the rest of the crab is thrown back into the water where they can re-generate a new claw. King crabs are caught in Alaskan waters and only the legs and claws are eaten. The flesh is very delicate so must be eaten quickly, and as a result, these crabs are served on ice.

After looking at the menu, I opt for the Joe's Classic (apologies I forgot the name!) which consists of hash browns, creamed spinach, coleslaw, stone crab claws (x5) and a slice of key lime pie ($62.95).

The classic (I forgot the name) - $62.95
As can be seen from the above, and as explained by our waiter, the Crab Claws are pre-cracked which makes it easy for the lazy eater (... me). The fact that only claws were served also made sense as per my above explanation regarding only stone crab claws being eaten. Our waiter then further explained how to eat the claws but convention went out the window and myself and another friend who ordered the same thing went in with both hands.

The crab claws were delicious. Each crab claw had an abundance of sweet crab meat which fell off the crab claw with ease. The crab was complimented with a mustard sauce which I was initially hesitant about as mustard can be strong and could overpower the delicate flavour of the crab. However this was not the case with the mustard sauce being very subtle complimenting the delicate flavours of the crab.

One of the other side dishes provided - the cream spinach, was again another strange combination for me. I have had this side with a steak (which went well) but did not think to combine this with crab. Again, to my surprise the combination worked... I am now a big fan of creamed spinach! Hash browns were nice but were not a standout. Coleslaw had thinly sliced lettuce, nice diced pickles and was a refreshing element to the dish.

Both my friend and I whom had this dish were very pleased! Another friend which opted for some crab claws and other sides was also pleased with their dish.

Key Lime Pie
After finishing, we were then presented with a Miami staple, the Key Lime Pie. The pie base was short and crumbly with a nice tang coming from the lime pie itself. I personally, would have preferred less whipped cream as this detracted from the pie, however this is just my personal preference.

All in all, everyone at the table was satisfied with their meal and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of crab.

Vegetarian\Vegan: After looking at the menu quickly, I didn't see any vegetarian or vegan options
Child friendly: Keep the kids at home for this one. This place is fancy... but don't think you have to dress up... we walked in with jeans and backpacks (just came from a flight) and were fine.

Service: 4/5 - Everything that could be expected from such a fine establishment
Ambiance: 3.5/5 - Nice, but a little old-school for my liking
Food: 8/10 - The crab was delicious but there was too much cream on the pie for me

In total, OTCB gives Joe's Stone Crab 15.5/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Joe's Stone Crab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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